The key point of growing roses indoors

Written by Joy

Oct 22 2021

The key point of growing roses indoors
In recent years, growing roses indoors has been becoming more and more popular among flower lovers, which attracts a large number of flower lovers with its special appearance. When it comes to roses farming, beginners still need to pay attention to a lot of details.
 growing roses indoors

Sunshine of growing roses indoors

Roses prefer sunshine and are afraid of shade. If they are planted in a place with low light for a long time, they will grow poorly or rot their roots (as no photosynthesis to produce growth nutrients, no evaporation to cause no physiological cycle, they will wither buds, fallen leaves or rot their roots). They are suitable for planting on a balcony or windowsill on a sunny day. If flowering, you can bring it back indoors to appreciate flowers, and to be carried to the sun in time after the cultivation.

Watering of growing roses indoors

The worst thing that a rose can do is to water it every day. Overwatering can be like a long day of heavy rain in nature (like pickling) and cause its roots to rot. Watering must grasp the basic principle. You'd better not overwater and do not water on cloudy and rainy days. When it blossoms, you could take it back to the room to appreciate the flowers. Pot soil can be wet, and do not water in the room.

Fertilization of growing roses indoors

Some beginner friends, thought that the more fertilizer applied longer, the better, even the nitrogen fertilizer and compound fertilizer big buried the heap in the plant root ministry and cause burning plant root's death, because the plants are just like thin light weight, fertilization is too strong too often can cause local root damage, hairy leaves, yellow leaves, leaves and roots rotted death. As long as the flowers are bright and the leaves are green, there is no need to fertilize them frequently. It is recommended to infuse noodle soup and dumpling soup into the blending oil barrel, and after the full fermentation, it is excellent light and fatty water. It is best to apply compound fertilizer 3-4 times every year in the growing period, and evenly apply 20-40 grains of compound fertilizer each time around the basin soil under an inch of soil.

The soil of growing roses indoors

Potted xerophytic woody flowers such as rose, jasmine, gardenia, peony, herbaceous peony and rose should be in non-glazed earthenware pots of appropriate size and permeability, and they should be cultivated in soils rich in humus aggregate structure. The soil of growing roses indoors rich in humus granule structure can be prepared by oneself: you’d better grind fine red soil without stone and sand, mix in two times of Chinese medicine residue, tea residue or household garbage and put it into a container or woven bag, add water, moisten, ferment and store for half a year.

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