Attentions for growing sunflowers indoors

Written by Joy

Nov 05 2021

Attentions for growing sunflowers indoors
Sunflower also called scutellaria, it meets the sun to bloom. When there is no sun, the flower closes. It is also easy to maintain because of its strong reproductive ability. If you like growing sunflowers indoors, it's not easy.
 growing sunflowers indoors

First, plant seedlings of growing sunflowers indoors over winter. 

When growing sunflowers indoors, after the annual frost's descent (Shanghai area), you should move the double sunflower indoors to shine in the sunlight. After entering winter, beginners can put it in glazing inside, let basin earth slant dry a bit, and can overwinter safely. The next year after the Qingming festival, you can put the flowerpot outside the window, in case of cold current, and you also need to go into the window to maintain it.

Second, putting time of growing sunflowers indoors.

From the beginning of May to the end of August, about 5 cm of the top of the tender stem can be cut and inserted.

Third, preparation of culture soil of growing sunflowers indoors.

Three parts of garden cooked soil, 5 parts of yellow sand and 2 parts of rice chaff ash or fine sawdust can be prepared by mixing together with a little calcium superphosphate powder.

Fourth, planting containers of growing sunflowers indoors.

When growing sunflowers indoors, you can choose deviled pots, porcelain pots, plastic flower pots or other containers with a porous bottom. Beginners can put a tile on the bottom to allow water to seep through and fill it with culture soil for planting.

Fifth, putting method of growing sunflowers indoors. 

Beginners should wipe the soil level in the container, insert the cut sunflower branches into the hole made by the chopsticks, and deeply cultivate the soil no more than 2 cm. When growing sunflowers indoors, to make potted flower form as soon as possible, plump, the size that can see a flowerpot in one pot, you need to be able to maintain only 2 centimeters of space, which is vital in the cuttages of many plants (arrive when seedling is crowded, can divide plants in its basin). Then you could pour plenty of water. New cuttings can shade, also can not shade, as long as certain humidity is maintained. Generally 10 days to 15 days can survive, it will change into normal maintenance. (Find more fall plants here.)

Sixth, peacetime maintenance of growing sunflowers indoors.

Sunflowers rarely have pests and diseases. At ordinary times to maintain a certain humidity, one-thousandth of potassium dihydrogen phosphate is applied every half moon, which can achieve the purpose of large colorful flowers and flowers bloom continuously. If a pot cuts multiple varieties, all kinds of flowers open a basin, and the value is higher.
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