The planting method of fruits growing in shade

Written by Joy

Sep 27 2020

The planting method of fruits growing in shade
Fruits growing in shade dislike sunlight. This is a relative concept. This concept is opposite to fruits like growing in the sun, and cannot tolerate strong direct light. They are required to grow well under moderate concealment. The habitat required by the growing season is relatively humid. During the growth period, environmental conditions of 50% to 80% concealment are generally required. A general term for a class of fruits that survive well under weak light.
fruits that grow in shade
Kiwifruit, more likes to be grown in shade, is one of the most typical fruits which prefer living in shade. This kind of fruit does not have a high demand for light, can not be exposed to the sun for a long time, and will lead to the seedlings dying. 
Planting such a kiwifruit growing in shade should be in the spring, the specific time between late March and early April, the climate is suitable for seed germination, seedlings growth. The first two months of sowing should be accelerated germination treatment, such as seed germination before sowing. You could add sand to the seed and cover it with a layer of river sand, moisturize it later, and you'll soon have young seedlings. When the seedlings grow four or five leaves can be transplanted in time. How and when are kiwis planted?

First, planting time of kiwifruit growing in shade  

Kiwi planting is recommended in the spring. And the specific time is between late March and early April, this period of climate is gradually warm, stable temperature, then the seeds can be quickly germinated, seedlings grow out after also convenient management.

Second,  accelerating bud processing of kiwifruit growing in shade

Kiwi seeds should be accelerated two months before sowing. You could put the seeds in warm water for two hours. The water temperature is between 40 and 50 degrees. It is then taken out and soaked in cold water overnight, then buried in the sand. It should be moisturized during burial, about two months. Beginners should be careful to turn seeds and sand frequently.

Third, sow into the earth of kiwifruit growing in shade

Kiwi prefers to be grown in loose, fertile, deep, acidic soil that is suitable for seed germination. Planting method is very simple, directly with the sand together with sowing, after planting and then covered with two or three centimeters of river sand, moisturizing, in time covered with plastic film, so soon seedlings can grow out.

Fourth, timely transplant of kiwifruit growing in shade

Such as kiwi seedlings grow four or five leaves when they should be promptly transplanted. Potted maintenance of a pot to raise a plant. Those planted in the field should be careful not to overplant. In addition, the later period to strengthen management, to let more plants in the sun, timely supplement fertilizer and water, enough fertilizer and water growth will be more vigorous.