Kalanchoe thyrsifolia profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 16 2020

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia profile

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia is a perennial succulent plant. Its stem is thick, the stem is grayish white, plant much branch, leaf blade is obovate, opposite, arranged closely, and the leaf color is pale green or yellowish green, covered with thick white pink. When spring and autumn sunshine is sufficient, the leaf margin will turn red.Spring is Kalanchoe thyrsifolia's flower period, flowers small, tubular, yellow color.

Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia picture

Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia

Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia form features

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia is a perennial succulent herb with thick, off-white stems, much branched, opposite leaves arranged closely. The leaf blade is obovate, 10 ~ 15 cm long, 5 ~ 7 cm wide, entire, apex obtuse. Leaves are pale green or yellowish green, heavily powdered and, therefore, gray-green, reddish in sunny conditions during the cold season from late autumn to early spring.Floret cylindric, yellow, 1.5 cm long. 

Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia reproduction method

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia reproduction can be done in the warm growing season by putting offshoots, leaves or using stems with blades as cuttings.The pedicel seedlings will be picked, slightly shade dry, and kalanchoe thyrsifolia can be planted in the basin, or the leaves or cuttings a little dry 1 ~ 2 days later, to heal the wound, can be inserted in coarse sand or vermiculite and mixed medium, keep moisture, prevent rain and direct light (shade about 40%), about 20~35 days will take root. Actually seeds can be used to reproduce, just time is long, the seeds for a light brown, is quite small. Kalanchoe thyrsifolia can play in the shallow dish and overlying a thin layer of fine sand, also can cover on the platter of plastic or glass, to keep humidity, sprayed with a fungicide at the same time, to prevent the health seedlings by fungal diseases, about 15 ~ 30 days or so will sprout.

Stay cuttings rooting or west grew up, and can colonize in the basin, choose 4 of the coarse river sand (fine foaming refined stone or biscuit firing) plus 4 of the fine river sand, and a copy each of the organic cultivation soil, pearl stone, the mixture of vermiculite to grow. It can be a first in 3.5 "in the early years of the basin, and in accordance with the growth situation to choose the larger basin, or in the open country flower bed.

Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia growth environment

Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia withstand semi-shade, slightly cold, give enough sunshine in winter. Keep basin soil moderately dry, and Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia withstand low temperatures of 3 ~ 5℃. In summer there is high temperature, Kalanchoe thyrsifolia grow potentially weaker or stop to grow completely, it can be put in ventilated, cool places, conserve, control water, prevent putrefaction. In spring, autumn two season growth flourishing period, Kalanchoe thyrsifolia needs sunshine more, often water, maintain soil moisture, every 10 days or so apply the thin fertilizer of ripe. When watering, fertilizing, pay attention to fertilizer, water does not splash on the leaves, so as not to wash off the white powder on the leaf surface, affecting the ornamental. Change basin every spring, basin soil should use drainage, good permeability of sandy loam. 

Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia Distribution and application

Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia was born in South Africa. The laf is huge, the colour is bright-coloured, the plant form is very beautiful and also, it is the view leaf in succulent plant beautiful articles, suit potted admire and admire, decorate the place such as the sitting room, study.

Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia main value

Kalanchoe thyrsifolia has been introduced to China for a short time. It has big leaves, beautiful leaves and beautiful plant shape. It is a show-offy product among succulent plants.

Kalanchoe Thyrsifolia