How to grow Tradescantia ohiensisRaf

Written by Maggie

Nov 27 2020

How to grow Tradescantia ohiensisRaf

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf needs to use garden soil, sand mixed as matrix, and it can grow better with the appropriate amount of added organic fertilizer. It should also be placed in the sun for curing, and the temperature should be controlled at 18℃ ~ 30℃. Water every half a month, spring and autumn even every half a month to apply liquid fertilizer, summer and winter two seasons do not need to fertilize. You need to spray the corresponding agent.

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Tradescantia ohiensisRaf

1. Soil selection of Tradescantia ohiensisRaf

Tradescantia Tradescantia ohiensisRaf is not strict to the soil, and it can grow in the common garden earth. However, if you want to maintain it better, you need to prepare loose, breathable, well-drained soil as a substrate.We can use garden soil and sandy soil in a 7:3 ratio as the matrix, adding organic fertilizer is better.

2. Illumination temperature control of Tradescantia ohiensisRaf

It is better to put the Tradescantia ohiensisRaf in the sunny place, and the ambient temperature is controlled at 18℃ ~ 30℃, so as to make its growth better. If placed in a long-term cool and ventilated place, it will make its leaves lose color, reduce its ornamental value. Control the temperature more than 10℃ in the winter.

3. Water and fertilizer management of Tradescantia ohiensisRaf

In fact, farming Tradescantia ohiensisRaf is particularly simple. Generally every other half a month water can be poured, so that the soil remains slightly wet. In winter, you need to water the amount of water. In summer, you need not only increase the amount of water, but also sprinkle water on the leaves. Apply liquid fertilizer every other half a month in spring and autumn, summer and in winter, do not fertilize.

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf

4. Disease and insect control of Tradescantia ohiensisRaf

When farming Tradescantia ohiensisRaf, if the water and fertilizer management is improper, the environment is not ventilated, it is easy to make the applied liquid fertilizer  suffer from aphids, leaf blight and other diseases and insects harm. It is necessary to timely shoot the disease, and then spray anti-aphid wei wettable powder, marathon emulsion, carbendazim and other agents to prevent and control it.

5. Breeding methods of Tradescantia ohiensisRaf

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf is mostly propagated by seeding method. First, you need to buy some good seeds, soak the seeds in water to accelerate the germination, and then 3 ~ 5 seeds into the soil. Water the seeds every 3 days, put them in a cool and ventilated place, wait for a period of time and then put them in the sun for normal curing.

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf