Skills for family growing plumeria indoors

Written by Joy

Oct 22 2021

Skills for family growing plumeria indoors
Growing plumeria indoors is more and more popular, so first of all what we should pay attention to is that it has a high demand for light, if the light is not enough, it may not flower or flower very little, only leaves. Second, it likes to grow in a hot and humid environment, not too dry, not too waterlogged. There are also some requirements for the soil, and it is better to be acidic, fertile, breathable and permeable, rich in organic matter. Also, it has very poor cold resistance.
 growing plumeria indoors

1. The temperature of growing plumeria indoors

As we said above, it likes a high temperature environment, and it is very resistant to cold. Its optimum temperature is 20 to 26 degrees Celsius, so temperature is a factor that we need to pay special attention to, especially in winter. In general, the winter overwintering temperature should not be lower than octaves, so northern growers should not forget to let it winter indoors.

2. The soil of growing plumeria indoors

Besides a few factors mentioned above, you had better lose even, contain humus a few more.

3. The moisture of growing plumeria indoors

In general, plants need a lot of water, but not too much and not too little. In spring and fall, you could water every other day or two. Summer can be more frequent, once in the morning, at night to observe the state of the soil, if dry water again. You are able to water it in winter for ten days or half a month or so .

4. Light of growing plumeria indoors

This is very important. When the light is sufficient, the growth of the plant will be more vigorous and the aroma more intense. In addition to being recently transplanted or soiled, requiring temporary shade, the rest of the time may receive more sunlight.

5. About the basin of growing plumeria indoors

The plant needs a basin change in the spring, and the soil needs to be renewed. It is very important for every grower.

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