Tips for growing tulips indoors

Written by Joy

Oct 22 2021

Tips for growing tulips indoors

Before growing tulips indoors, you'd better enhance some ecological habits of growing tulips indoors. Tulips are perennial herbaceous bulbs. The plant has 3~5 leaves, which are ribbon-shaped lanceolate or ovate eniculate. The stem of the flower is 30~50 cm high, the end of the flower is large upright, white, yellow, orange, red, purple and other monochromatic, polychromatic colors. Tulips bloom from March to May, opening during the day and closing at night or in rainy weather. The seeds are flat. There are more than 8000 varieties of tulips, rich in variation. Tulips are native to China, Central Asia, Turkey and China. Tulips are mainly distributed in Xinjiang. Tulip has been widely cultivated in our country now. It prefers warm, humid winters, cool summers, and slightly dry sunny environments. Winter tulip bulbs can withstand low temperatures of 3~5℃, and the most suitable growth temperature is 15~18℃. Bulbs have a life of one year. The cue ball blossoms and splits into new ones in the same year, after which it dries up and disappears.

Tips for growing tulips indoors

Planting keys of growing tulips indoors

(1) Soil of planting tulips indoors

Soil of growing tulips indoors in pots should be with sunny, loose, humus-rich, well-drained sandy loam or cultivated soil, but you’d better avoid low wet and heavy soil.

(2) Temperature of growing tulips indoors

The optimal temperature of growing tulips indoors is 5~20℃, and the optimal temperature is 15~18℃. Rooting requires more than 5℃. The bulb can withstand -35℃ in winter.

(3)The breeding of tulips growing indoors

The breeding of tulips in the upper basin is mainly divided into spheres. In June, bulbs of growing tulips indoors should be dug out and stored in the shade. The temperature should be kept at 17~23℃. General potted tulips are grown in the autumn with a usable 15~20 cm pot diameter of the pot, each potted 4~5 bulbs. October planting larger bulbs the next year can be flowering. The bulb covering soil should be twice as deep as the bulb. Beginners should move the pot to the semi-shade in the middle of December and keep the room temperature at 5~10℃. After the buds are unearthed in February of the next year, they are moved to the sunlight and applied fertilizer several times. The roots of tulips are weak in regeneration and cannot continue to grow after being broken off. After the general flowers do not leave fruit, you can pick the flowers in time, so that the bulbs grow up.

Tulips growing indoors are multiplied by dividing balls and sowing seeds. East China is suitable for September and October, while North China is suitable for late September. When breeding a large number of new varieties, sowing reproduction can be used.
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