How to grow Hibiscus moscheutos Linn

Written by Maggie

Nov 27 2020

How to grow Hibiscus moscheutos Linn

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn's flowers are large, bright and beautiful, elegant and generous, because Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn's flowers change from white or pink in the morning to bright red in the afternoon during the day and so the early maturity becomes its flower language. So do you want to know Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn? Want your Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn grass Hibiscus grow healthy? Then hurry up with me make up together down look!

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn picture

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn culture method (basic knowledge) :

Hibiscus moscheutos Linn best breeding time: usually in spring and autumn. 

Best soil: Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn grows well in fertile sandy loam near water.

Growth humidity requirements: Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn is sunshine - loving and slightly shade - tolerant, suitable for warm and humid climate, drought - resistant and water - resistant.

Optimum growth temperature: Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn growth temperature was controlled at 18℃-30℃.

Best growing light: Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn prefers plenty of light and grows well under full sun.

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn

Tips for Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn breeding:

Fertilizing: Hibiscus moscheutos Linn should be supplemented with phosphorus and potash fertilizer during the growth period. Nitrogen fertilizer of 20-10-20 at 50-75pPRN was applied after cotyledon appeared, and the concentration of real leaves was increased to 100-150ppm after spreading. Apply alternately with nitrate nitrogen fertilizer. If sensitive to chlorine, tap water irrigation to store for a period of time, to be chlorine gas volatilization before pouring.

Watering tips: Keep the water moist and moist, and don't put the water on Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn leaves, and the soil on the leaves, or it will rot.

Main Pruning: Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn should be pruned immediately after each flowering to cut off the empty branches and seeds formed after the last flowering, so as to increase the amount of flowers in the next flowering peak. Especially after the second peak, more timely pruning to ensure the quantity and quality of the next flower. If growth is allowed to run its course, the amount of flowers in the later period will be reduced accordingly.

Basin and soil replacement: Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn usually change basin every 2-3 years, usually a little fertilizer can be applied. If the flowers do not grow well in the spring and autumn season, it can be changed to a pot, the point of rotting livestock manure.

Key points of propagation: seeding, cutting and plant separation can be used to propagate.

1. Sowing method;Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn can be planted in the spring of each year, and should be planted with seeds that are fully ripe, because the survival rate of ripe Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn seeds is very high.The way to plant Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn is to put the seeds in cold water for 3-4 days, and change the water every day during the soaking to ensure the germination rate of Hibiscus moscheutos Linn. When the seed breaks the skin and sends out the seed bud, it should be placed at a temperature of about 32 degrees for accelerating the bud. When Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn shoots, plant the seed with the seed bud into the bed. A bed where Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn is planted must be fully fertilized.

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn

2. Cuttage method. When Hibiscus moscheutos Linn is cut, cut the scion into 10-15 cm long, keep the top 3-5 leaves or half leaves, cut it in a well-prepared seedbed, insert it at a depth of 1/3 to 1/2, and then spray to keep the soil moist. Provide adequate shade to encourage germination and rooting. Wait until 2 or 3 new leaves grow after you can apply thin liquid fertilizer, weed thinning.Finally transplanting in place, take the normal fertilizer and water management can be.

3. Plant division method. Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn can be planted in spring and autumn by separate cultivation. At the time of planting, it is necessary to cut off the stalk bud and root of the old plant for cultivation, so that it is easy to survive, and the good plants can bloom in the same year. But at the time of the plant must choose that year healthy plump branches for the plant.

Pest control: the main insect pests are aphids, starscream. Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn is very sensitive to insecticides and is prone to drug damage. When using, pay attention to the types and concentrations of the agents. If necessary, plant safe biological agents such as 1.2 {bf} bitter tobacco emulsion (common name for pest control) can be selected.