Water Snowflake profile

Written by Maggie

Oct 15 2021

Water Snowflake profile

Water Snowflake grows from 50 to 1530 meters above sea level and is widely distributed in the tropical to temperate regions of the world, distributed in northeast China, East China, South China, Hebei, Yunnan.

Water Snowflake picture

Water Snowflake

Water Snowflake morphological characteristics

Water Snowflake is a perennial aquatic herb. The stem is cylindrical, unbranched, petiolate, terminal simple leaf. Leaves are floating, subleathery, broadly ovoid or suborbicular, 3-18 cm long, densely glandular below, base cordate, entire, with less pronounced palmately veins, petiole short, cylindrical, 1-2 cm long.

Water Snowflake flowers are numerous, clustered knots, 5 numbers; Pedicels are slender, cylindrical, unequal, 3-5 cm long;Calyx 3 -- 6 mm, divided to near base, lobes elliptic to lanceolate, apex obtuse, veins indistinct; The corolla is white, base yellow, 7 -- 12 mm long, 6 -- 8 mm in diam., divided to near base, crown tube short, with 5 bundles of villous, lobes ovate-elliptic, apex obtuse, ventral densely fringed villous; Stamens are borne on crown tube, neat, filaments short, flat, linear, 1.5-1.7 mm long, anther arrow, 2-2.2 mm long; water snowflake ovary is sessile, conical, 2 mm long, style stout, cylindric, ca. 2 mm long, stigma swollen, 2-lobed, lobes triangular.

Water Snowflake capsule is ellipsoid, 3-5 mm long, not dehiscent; Seeds distensible, brown, subglobose, 1.2-1.5 mm long, smooth. The chromosome 2n is equal to 18. The flowering period is From August to October. 

Water Snowflake Habitat

The habitat of Water Snowflake is 50-1530 meters above sea level in the tropical to temperate regions of the world, distributed in northeast China, East China, South China and Hebei, Yunnan. Type specimens were collected from eastern India. Born in ponds, shallow lakes and waterlogged grass dams; Tropical regions are widely distributed in India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Fiji. 

The optimum temperature for Water Snowflake growth and development was 20~35℃, and no flowering or growth stagnation occurred when the temperature was higher than 40℃ or lower than 15℃. It has a wide range of adaptation to acid and base. They often live in ponds, rivers and streams. 

Water Snowflake propagation method

The water snowflakes were divided and propagated by cutting. In March of each year, the densely growing clusters are divided into small pieces for planting. Cuttage propagation is also easy to survive, it can root on the nodes of the stem, the growth period to take 2-4 branches, sticks in shallow water, two weeks after rooting. A new plant can be formed at the petiole insertion to reproduce asexually, but the seeds can also be soaked in 22-25℃ water to accelerate germination and propagation. 

Water Snowflake

Water Snowflake cultivation technique

Water Snowflake as common aquatic plants, no special requirements, generally keep the Water relatively clean.


Water depth 40 cm or so is more appropriate, potted water depth of 10 cm or so. With ordinary pond mud as substrate, should not be too fat, or branches and leaves flourish, but rare. If the leaves are yellow, a small amount of compound fertilizer or fertilizer can be buried in the basin. At ordinary times maintaining sufficient sunshine, the basin must not be short of water, otherwise it is very easy to dry. 


Divide pots every 2-3 years, depending on the size of the pot and the crowding of the plant.Winter basin to maintain water, put leeward to the sun can be overwintering. In northern winter temperature is lower, aquaculture Water Snowflake should be overwintered. 


In order to promote the growth and development of Water Snowflake plants and improve their ornamental effect, weeds and debris should be removed timely during the growth period of honeysuckle plants to keep the Water clean, and 1-2 times of fertilizer should be applied in combination with weeding. 

Water Snowflake

Water Snowflake insect pest control

The main insect pest of Water Snowflake is aphids, which can be controlled by spraying 40% dimethyl emulsion 1000 times liquid. 

Water Snowflake Landscape use

Water Snowflake is a common aquatic flower in the park. Its leaves are shaped like Water lilies, oval to heart-shaped, leathery and turquoise, floating on the Water. Often in the summer in white florets, florets' villous shape, small and delicate, open on the green wave, green leaves, little florets dot, can sprinkle the whole water, the breeze blowing. The wind rippling, swaying posture, brings a person a flower to quiet and wind more than. The scene has an endless aesthetic sense.In the scenic area or park lake into a piece of honeysuckle lotus, summer and autumn season. The white flowers, dotted, silver sparkling, overlooking the far distance, idyllic scenery, are charming.