Desert rose-care & growing guide

Written by Maggie

Feb 25 2021

Desert rose-care & growing guide

If Desert Rose is properly cared for, it will bloom beautifully. How to grow and care for Desert Rose? Here are 6 ways to care for it daily.

1. Soil care for growing desert rose

Desert Rose requires loose and breathable soil. People were taught to use perlite, vermiculite, coal cinder and peat soil to make it. This Desert rose requires better water permeability, so when we grow and care for desert rose, we need to use granular soil for more than half, that is, coal cinder for half, and other nutritious soil for half.

2. Lighting care for growing desert rose

Desert Rose can survive in environments with a lot of light, so when you grow and care for it, put it in a sunny place.

In addition, Desert Rose is afraid of cold, so it should be moved indoors for maintenance in winter. It is best to get sunlight behind the window.

3. Watering care for growing desert rose

Desert Rose likes wet conditions. However, it is not advisable to overwater Desert Rose. When we grow and care for desert rose, the only thing you need to do is to keep the soil moist so that the roots of Desert Rose do not rot.

The rule for watering a Desert rose is to water as little as possible and not over dry, lest the stems shrink.

4. Temperature care for growing desert rose

Desert Rose likes to live in warmer temperatures. When we grow and care for desert rose, it can be placed outside in the summer to bask in the sun but needs to be moved indoors in the winter.

5. Fertilization care for growing desert rose

Desert Rose prefers phosphorus and potash fertilizer, which is replenished once a month or so in normal maintenance and grows vigorously in summer. Therefore, when we gorw and care for desert rose, slow-acting fertilizer is better, such as phosphorus and potash fertilizer.

6. Repoting care for groriwng desert rose

Generally, Desert Rose needs to be changed once a year to properly apply some long-lasting base fertilizer, such as cooked bean cake and bone meal, into the basin.

Before repotting a Desert rose, you must stop watering it. When we grow and care for desert rose, when the soil is completely dry, you must pour out the plants, remove the old soil, prune the roots, and replace the new culture soil.

care for Desert Rose

7. desert rose propagation methods


When making cuttings on Desert Rose, it is appropriate to do so in spring and summer, when the climate is stable. First, cut the branches of more than 10 cm old, the top is the best, put in rooting water soak for 30 seconds, inserted with a mixture of river sand and sawdust soil base, place in a cool place, wait for it to root. You don't need to water it too much, just keep the soil moist, and when it takes root, you can plant it in a pot.


The time of the layering method is also in spring and summer, because this is the growing season of Desert rose, and the survival rate is better with the layering method at this time. In the layering, you first need to where the plant roots in the blade cut plant after disinfection, or ring shell that a piece of bark, soil water moss or getting hurt packages sealed, and then hold, with a thin film on both ends to tighten, slowly will take root, after seeing the place of root length to the film, the cut can be planted.


Desert Rose seeds are difficult to collect because they burst open when they are ripe. The seeds are small and difficult to pick up. So gather the seeds before they break apart. Sowing time there is no set time, as long as the weather is warm can sow. Sprinkle the seeds into a soil base made up of river sand and ceramsite, cover it with about three centimeters of the soil, water it a little, keep it wet and then put it in a cool place to wait for it to sprout. When the seedlings come out, pull out the unhealthy, weak ones to make room and nutrients for the healthy ones, and pot them when they're about four centimeters long.

Desert Rose toxicity  

1. Desert Rose is toxic: the whole plant is toxic, and the milk is highly toxic.

2. Poisoning symptoms: livestock or children eat stems and leaves or milk by mistake, causing heart diseases such as accelerated heartbeat and arrhythmia.

3. Poisoning treatment: since Desert Rose poisoning directly affects cardiovascular symptoms, it is very easy to cause other complications that have already occurred. We suggest that if you accidentally get poisoned, call 120 immediately.

4. Warm tip: Fortunately, the juice in Desert Rose has a strong and bitter taste, and if you touch it carelessly, you will not go further to try to eat. But for fear of children's curiosity, so do not put the child within reach.

care for Desert Rose