What to plant in summer garden

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

What to plant in summer garden
What to plant in summer garden? The summer solstice is coming again, and the climate is getting hotter and harder, but many flowers bloom when the summer is hot. The most common ones are lotus, sunflower, petunia, jasmine, bougainvillea, desert rose, fragrance vine and so on. They not only have strong resistance to high temperature , but the flowers bloom most beautifully in summer.
 what to plant in summer garden

1. Lotus

The climate in summer is hot and difficult, but there are many flowers blooming in summer, so what to plant in summer garden? Lotus is a more common ornamental flower in summer, and it generally grows in lakes and ponds. The flowering period is from June to September. It has extremely high water requirements. It grows in a high-temperature environment. It likes light but is not tolerant. It is grown in many places in China and is mainly used for ornamental purposes.

2. Sunflower

The flowers and leaves of sunflowers are very small, they look like little suns, and they have a feature that they bloom only when they see the sun. It will be closed in the morning, evening, and cloudy, with bright colors. They usually bloom in summer and the flowering period is from June to September. They are widely planted in China, mostly green flowers, and suitable to plant in summer garden.


They are named after the four seasons. Most of the flowers and leaves are pink purple or pure white. They like a warm and high humidity environment. In midsummer, they need more watering to keep the soil moist. Most of them are distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other places in China.

4. Petunia

The color of the petals is purple, as well as purple and white. The summer flowering period from June to September is very high. Especially in summer, it needs to be poured in the morning, middle and evening. Once the water keeps the soil moist, it is mostly garden flowers.

5. Jasmine

The scent of jasmine is delicate, and it is often used to make perfumes. It has high ornamental value and economic value. The flower body is all white. The flowering period is July to September during the midsummer period. It likes a warm and humid growing environment. It is planted in southern my country and is not tolerant to severe cold. It is truly suitable for planting in summer.

6. Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a large ornamental flower, often placed in the garden. The petals are rich in colors, red, white and pink, and they are very beautiful. The flowering period is very long and blooms in all seasons, so they are also loved by many people. And they can withstand high temperatures. Bougainvillea blooms most beautifully in summer.

7. Desert rose

It is not a rose or flower in the desert. It is named because it originated near the desert, and it prefers high temperature environment and has drought resistance. There are two flowering periods each year. The rose in the middle of the desert is white with light red at the edge, and it is very beautiful when the flowers are in bloom.

8. Fragrant Vine

Fragrant Vine, also known as red cicada flower, has pink leaves and is known to everyone. It likes a warm and humid environment, and it can also be placed in a cool place, but it will make the flowers bloom badly. The flowering period is summer and autumn, and is often placed in gardens as ornamental plants for people to watch.