The breeding methods and precautions of Iberis amara

Written by Maggie

Jan 12 2021

The breeding methods and precautions of Iberis amara

In the process of propagating Iberis Amara, it is best to put it on the balcony or beside the window during the maintenance period. If the temperature is higher than 35℃, it is necessary to move it to the shade or spray water to cool it. It is advisable to keep the soil moist.

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Iberis Amara

Iberis Amara Care and Grow

1. Environmental treatment

Iberis Amara is a photinia plant and can be put in an indoor window or balcony during the growth period, but its heat resistance is very poor. In the summer when the temperature is higher than 35℃,  we need artificial cooling, mainly by the way of spraying water, so as to avoid leaf sunburn. It can be put outdoors in winter under the sun, giving the best treatment of full sunshine.

2. Water properly

Iberis Amara likes to grow in a wet matrix. In summer and autumn, it is the peak season for the growth, so it is necessary to water the soil every morning and evening, so as to keep the soil moist but not water. During spring and summer, water should be dry and wet, and keep the moisture content of the soil in the basin at about 40%.

3. Fertilize regularly

Fertilization management is one of the breeding methods and precautions of Iberis Amara. If iberis amara fertilizes too much during the growth period, flowering quantity will be affected. It is best to fertilize more in spring and summer, gradually reduce in autumn, and stop fertilization when hibernating in winter.

4. Pruning

Iberis Amara is resistant to pruning. Due to its strong germination ability, it is necessary to trim the excess flower branches on branches in the peak season to reduce the consumption of nutrients. After flowering, it is necessary to timely cut off the residual flowers, as well as cut off the bare, overlapping and diseased branches to maintain the growth balance of the plants and enhance the ornamental value.

Iberis Amara

Do's and don 'ts for breeding Iberis Amara

Iberis Amara has high demands for water. Because the tap water contains a variety of chemicals, if directly used, it will easily lead to poor root growth, thereby influence bloom effect. We usually tap the water in a quiet place for few days later. On the rainy day and when the temperature is high, we stop fertilization, which ensures the root of the normal growth.