Iberis Amara profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 12 2021

Iberis Amara profile

Iberis Amara grows all over China. Originally from The Iberia peninsula of Spain. It likes sun, avoids damp heat, can withstand -5℃ low temperature, and is suitable for good drainage of soil.

Iberis Amara is ideal for rock gardens, flower beds, flower borders, or potted plants.

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Iberis Amara

Morphological characteristics of Iberis Amara

Iberis Amara is an annual plant that is 10-40cm tall.Stem erect, slightly branched, ribbed, pubescent descending on rims, upper glabrous.Stem lower leaves spatulate, upper leaves lanceolate or oblong-cuneate, 1.5 -- 2.5 cm long, apex obtuse, base tapering, upper leaves with 2 -- 4 sparsely dentate on each side, lower whole, glabrous on both surfaces, ciliate.

The raceme is terminal;Pedicels are filiform, extending or ascending, ca. 1 cm long;Sepals are obovate, 1.5 -- 2 mm long;Petals are white or pale purple, obovate, outer wheel ca. 6 mm, inner wheel Ca. 3 mm. The short horn is round, 4-5 mm in diam., apex concave, glabrous, wing slightly wider upward, cleft with transverse striations; Style and apical notch are equal or slightly longer. Seeds are broadly ovate, ca. 3 mm long, reddish brown, lower winged.Flowering period is  in may, and fruiting in June. 

Habitat of Iberis Amara origin

Iberis Amara is grown all over China. Originally from The Iberia peninsula of Spain. It likes sunlight, avoids dampness and heat, like cool climate in summer, and not tolerate heat. It’s more resistant to cold, likes sunny terrain. Suitable for good drainage of garden soil, especially more humus fertile soil, appropriate to keep moderately moist, afraid of waterlogging. 

The Iberis Amara method of breeding

Iberis Amara sows and propagates the fruit, which is a long-horned fruit, with seeds on either side of the diaphragm. The ripening stage of fruit is not consistent, seeds should be collected one after another, and the fruit should be removed after blow-drying and threshing.

Iberis Amara can be planted in September. The suitable temperature for germination is 20℃. We should pay attention to always maintain the basin soil moist state, when a little dry, we should timely use a fine hole sprinkler. After the seedlings are unearthed, the mulch must be removed. If the indwelling time is too long, the seedlings will be barren and grow weakly. It needs to be transplanted once after emergence. When the seedlings grow to 3-4 true leaves, they can be planted in the pot and gradually turn to a 20cm pot. Depending on the situation of branches and leaves, they can be temporarily placed in the shade for several days. In winter, it is necessary to stay in a cold bed or cold room for wintering. 

Iberis Amara

Iberis Amara's main values

Iberis Amara is ideal for decorating flower beds, mirrors, or potted plants. For excellent cut flower material. 

Potted plants

We will plant iberis amara in pots and containers of different specifications. When the flowers are first released, we will regularly transport the potted flowers to various public environments, such as squares, streets, roadside and doors of various buildings, so as to decorate and beautify different environments. Potted Iberis Amara plants can also be "grouped" and arranged into different shapes, patterns and squares, which can not only decorate and beautify the environment, but also foil the festive atmosphere of the city. 

Flower bed

The Iberis amara flower bed is a kind of green decoration in which different or the same kind of colorful flowers are planted in a certain planting bed. According to the ornamental requirements of plants, flower beds are filled with flowers, mainly for the purpose of appreciating the bright colors of herbaceous flowers in full bloom. 

Flower border

Compared with the flower bed composed of pure grass and flowers, the flower border has more Chinese characteristics. It is a way of applying the wildflowers in the forest edge to the garden landscape based on the law of natural dispersive growth and refined by art. In order to simulate the nature of the forest edge of a variety of wildflowers crisscrossing growth state. In the form of design, it is a continuous strip composition evolving along the long axis. Seen from the plane in a variety of flower block mixed plant, seen from the facade is high and low scattered. It not only shows the natural beauty of the individual growth of Iberis Amara, but also shows the group beauty of the natural combination of plants. Iberis Amara can form rich season photograph landscapes, can achieve 3 seasons to have flowers to be able to admire commonly, the effect with evergreen all the year-round.

Iberis Amara