The breeding methods and precautions of Hypericum patulum

Written by Maggie

Nov 20 2020

The breeding methods and precautions of Hypericum patulum

In the process of breeding Hypericum Patulum, sufficient basal fertilizer should be applied when it is put into the basin, mainly fermented bean cake fertilizer. During germination, water should be poured for 2 ~ 3 times. In the rainy season, water should be poured for once before winter, and the temperature should be controlled at 15 ~ 25℃.

Hypericum Patulum picture

Hypericum Patulum

The farming method of Hypericum Patulum

1. Apply fertilizer rationally

Fertilizer environment is one of the breeding methods and precautions of Hypericum Patulum. Sufficient organic fertilizer should be applied to golden silk mume at the early stage of planting. Ripe bean cakes are the best.

2, suitable for water

Hypericum patulum do not need too much water in the early years of germination. After the germination and flowering period, 2 ~ 3 times of water each day. In the large evaporation of summer, properly increase times of watering. Pay attention to prevent waterlogging drainage in the rainy season. In winter,  apply an anti-freezing watering and use water spray at low temperature.

3. Light and temperature environment

Hypericum Patulum is intolerant of direct strong light, so in summer when the light is very hot, we should shade in time. We can use a canopy to block 50% of the sunlight. Its suitable temperature for growth is around 15 ~ 25℃.

4. Trim appropriately

Hypericum Patulum has luxuriant branches and leaves, and it grows very fast. Therefore, it should be pruned every year in summer or winter, which can not only keep the beautiful plant shape but also reduce the unnecessary waste of nutrients. When pruning, we should cut off its waste branches, diseased branches and weak branches, and strengthen water and fertilizer management after pruning to promote the flowering effect of plants.

Hypericum Patulum

Precautions for farming Hypericum Patulum

But we should pay attention to strength when weeding. Generally speaking, we can hoe the grass once in dry season or hot summer, which can effectively improve the air permeability of the soil. But we should be careful not to hurt the root system when weeding.

Hypericum Patulum