Common pests and precautions of Hypericum patulum

Written by Maggie

Nov 21 2020

Common pests and precautions of Hypericum patulum

During the growth of Hypericum patulum, it will suffer the harm of aphids, scale insects, which harm is bigger. During the onset of aphids, it’s  better to rid eggs, sick leaves after the cut off with the right amount of spraying prevention and control of omethoate. During the period of scale insects, we canclipp disease leaves concentrated destruction, pay attention to ventilation, dosage of carbendazim solution for prevention and control of spraying.

Hypericum Patulum picture

Hypericum Patulum

Common Ways to Prevent pests of Hypericum Patulum

1, aphids,

Aphids are one of the common pests of Hypericum Patulum. This kind of insect has great harm. During its onset, the leaves will gradually curl and wither until the plant Withers and dies.

2. Scale insects

Scale insects are one of the pests hypericum patulum suffering. Once the onset time, it gradually appear brown spots, the plant leaf blade will slowly yellowing of fall off, it is better to clipp disease areas with concentrated destruction of spraying right amount carbendazim solution for prevention and control, which is one of the golden plum common pests and prevention methods.

Hypericum Patulum

Tips for preventing pests from Hypericum Patulum

1. Strengthen ventilation

The growth of Hypericum Patulum has high requirements on the environment. Especially in the environment of high temperature and humidity. The plants are easy to breed the harm of diseases and insects. During the growth period, the air circulation can be enhanced frequently, and the doors and windows can be opened often to facilitate ventilation.

2, Reasonable trim

Proper pruning will make Hypericum Patulum grow more luxuriant. You can cut off some useless branches and insect and disease branches from the base at peak season. It will also promote the growth and development of plants.

Hypericum Patulum