The breeding methods and precautions of Dendrobium primulinum

Written by Maggie

Nov 21 2020

The breeding methods and precautions of Dendrobium primulinum

In the process of breeding Dendrobium Primulinum, the cultivated soil can be made by mixing the raw materials such as coconut shrew, coconut bran, dead branches and water moss. In the early stage of growth, some water is only needed to be sprayed on the leaves. After half a month, the substrate is kept in the alternate state of dry and wet. Nitrogen fertilizer is applied once in April, and organic fertilizer is used after the beginning of winter.

Dendrobium Primulinum picture

Dendrobium Primulinum

Cultivation method of Dendrobium Primulinum

1. Matrix requirements

Substrate requirement is one of the cultivation methods and precautions of Dendrobium Primulinum. It requires extremely high requirements on soil. It cannot be cultivated with ordinary soil.

2. Water properly

In the early stage of planting Dendrobium Primulinum, watering can be done only by spraying some water on the leaves. After half a month, watering can be done according to the dry and wet degree of the soil. Generally, watering can be done in the dry and wet phase.

3. Fertilize regularly

Dendrobium Primulinum is usually sprayed with nutrient solution on its leaves. Potash fertilizer is generally available. After sending out new buds, potassium dihydrogen phosphate nutrient solution should be sprayed every other week, nitrogen fertilizer should be applied before and after April, and organic fertilizer can be used after the start of winter to make dendrobium primulinum grow more healthily.

Dendrobium Primulinum

4. Get plenty of light

The newly planted Dendrobium primulinum should be placed in a cool place with weak astigmatism. In spring and autumn, it can be exposed to light in the morning or late afternoon. In summer, it is not necessary to have strong light directly.

Notes for farming Dendrobium Primulinum

Spring is the most effective bottling season for Dendrobium primulinum. At this time, the temperature is the most suitable for the root of Dendrobium primulinum without frostborne injury. Generally, the root can be changed only once every 1 to 2 years.

Dendrobium Primulinum