Thalia Dealbata plant care

Written by Maggie

Nov 22 2021

Thalia Dealbata plant care

Thalia Dealbata is tall and has huge fan-like leaves. Its green leaves are lovely and its flowers are high above the water. Its elegant and simple blue-purple flowers are the best choice for decorating plants on the water. In addition to being seen, Thalia Dealbata cleans the water and often grows on its own in large ponds and lakes, creating unique landscapes. Thalia Dealbata can also be grown in potted plants for viewing.

Thalia Dealbata

How to care for Thalia Dealbata

1. Temperature for Thalia Dealbata 

The most suitable temperature for growing Thalia Dealbata and development is between 20 degrees and 30 degrees. Most subtropical temperatures are not frost resistant, and thalia dealbata is not included.

2. Watering for Thalia Dealbata

Thalia Dealbata is an aquatic plant. Water supply and drainage must be reduced moderately in the spring to promote the growth of the branches, and filling more in hot weather to prevent Thalia Dealbata from running out of water, and draining water in autumn and winter to help Thalia Dealbata survive the winter. The water used is best dried after the solution of the water, because the fresh water has chlorine, which will harm the growth of plants.

3. Apply fertilizer for Thalia Dealbata

The indoor space of potted plants is relatively small, so nutrients in the soil will quickly disappear. Thalia Dealbata must be added with nutrients, so Thalia Dealbata can grow normally. Thalia Dealbata must be fattened twice a month, and the cultivars should be selected with moderate fertility, dominated by farm manure.

4. Light for Thalia Dealbata

Thalia Dealbata is a sunny plant and must be kept in a natural environment with plenty of light, but summer temperatures are high enough to shade Thalia Dealbata, otherwise it will be harmful for Thalia Dealbata to bloom. In other cases the sun is softer, giving 24 hours of light.

Thalia Dealbata

Thalia Dealbata caring tips

1. Growing: Thalia Dealbata can be bred by cultivation. Usually in the spring, by shining the seeds into the prepared culture soil, covering it with a thin layer of soil, then pouring the soil over it and putting it in a warm and sunny area. It will sprout in a week, and when two Thalia Dealbata sprouts, it can be transplanted.

2. Pruning: There is no fixed time for pruning Thalia Dealbata. Each time, only the withered branches and dead leaves must be pruned, first for beauty and second for concentration of nutrients. (Find More Prayer Plant Varieties Here.)

Thalia Dealbata growing tips

1, Pests: Thalia Dealbata generally should not be susceptible to pests and retailers, and because the Thalia Dealbata surface layer and a layer of wax membrane, which is equal to Thalia Dealbata natural barrier in a layer of pure natural maintenance. Thalia Dealbata diseases and insect pests and pests can't invade, even if it has a pest invasion, Thalia Dealbata can also process. If really uncomfortable, spray small amounts of insecticides.

2. Pour the pot: For potted plants, you must pour the pot once a year. In the case of pouring the pot, bone powder must be added to the soil to promote the growth of the Thalia Dealbata and ensure the supply and demand of nutrients.

3. Suitable scale cultivation: As Thalia Dealbata is an aquatic plant, it is easy to attract mosquitoes, so it should be maintained outdoors as much as possible.

4. Toxic side effects: Thalia Dealbata is non-toxic and can be planted safely.

Thalia Dealbata