10 Beautiful Prayer Plant Varieties for Your Family

Written by Ivy

Dec 03 2021

10 Beautiful Prayer Plant Varieties for Your Family
Prayer plant is an indoor potted plant that has suddenly become popular in recent years. Its leaves are very ornamental and more beautiful than flowers. The most important point is that all kinds of prayer plants need to be in sunny places to bloom and look good. However, bamboo taro does not need so much light. It can bloom beautiful style with a little scattered light. It is especially suitable for raising indoors, such as living room, bathroom or porch.
There are also many varieties of prayer plant. Different leaf shapes, colors and stripes create a variety of Prayer plant. There are green leaves, colored leaves, double lines, Rainbow Stripes and peacock feather patterns. Now we have collected 10 different kinds of Prayer plant, which is convenient for you to find your favorite one.

Insignis Prayer Plant

10 Beautiful Prayer Plant Varieties for Your Family
Insignis prayer plant is a perennial emergent plant. It is native to Central Africa and America. Insignis has beautiful plant type, colorful leaf colors, fresh and beautiful flowers and strong ornamental ability. Insignis can be planted in the shade of gardens and parks or roadsides.

Thalia Prayer Plant

10 Beautiful Prayer Plant Varieties for Your Family
The leaves of Thalia prayer plant are colorful, grow better in places with poor light than in strong light, and have a strong ability to adapt to the environment. It can be planted in many places near green belts, parks and ponds, and can also be used for greening and landscaping of various ecological parks.
As Thalia prayer plant grows well in low light environment, it is more suitable for indoor aquaculture, such as home aquaculture, including some occasions such as schools, hotels and venues. This prayer plant variety can not only decorate, but also play the role of indoor greening.

Orbifolia Prayer Plant

10 Beautiful Prayer Plant Varieties for Your Family
The stripes on the leaves of orbifolia prayer plant are very ornamental. Its meaning usually symbolizes happy reunion. Raising a pot at home can not only bring good luck, but also promote harmonious family relations. In addition, the orbitoria prayer plant will also blossom in winter. It will be pumped from the rhizome. The flowers are white. Although the flowering period is very short, only a day or two, The moral of this prayer plant variety is very auspicious.

Ornata Prayer Plant

10 Beautiful Prayer Plant Varieties for Your Family
Ornata prayer plant is a perennial evergreen herb with strong and upright plants. The leaves are oval, bright green on the growing leaf surface and purplish red on the back. The young leaves have beautiful rose red or pink stripes, gradually turn white and disappear after maturity. This prayer plant variety love to grow in high temperature, wet and semi cloudy environments. It also has been introduced from South America to Central America, Africa and Oceania and Indonesia to China and Taiwan.

Roseopicta Prayer Plant

10 Beautiful Prayer Plant Varieties for Your Family
Roseopicta prayer plant can purify indoor air and is an expert in removing ammonia. Roseopicta prayer plant is an excellent indoor foliage plant with short plants, dense branches and leaves, plump plant shape, thick green on the leaf surface in sharp contrast to the purple red on the back of the leaf. This prayer plant variety is used to decorate living rooms, bedrooms and other places. It looks quiet and solemn and can be viewed for a long time.

Fasciata Prayer Plant

10 Beautiful Prayer Plant Varieties for Your Family
Fastiata prayer plant likes warm, dry and sunny environment. Afraid of low temperature and humidity. Fertile and loose sandy loam is suitable. Fastiata prayer plant is drought resistant and requires well drained and nutrient rich soil. This prayer plant variety has strong adaptability to temperature. The best temperature for growth is between 20-30 ℃. It needs to be kept above 10 ℃ in winter, and it will enter the dormant state when it is lower than 5 ℃.

Veitchiana Prayer Plant

10 Beautiful Prayer Plant Varieties for Your Family
Veitchiana prayer plant is a perennial plant. Its height is 60 cm, and its leaves are oval or oval. Veitchiana prayer plant veins are turquoise, and the middle part is light green or pink. On both sides of this prayer plant variety veins are arranged with dark green light strips, which looks particularly beautiful. Veitchiana prefers places with higher temperature and humidity. She is afraid of the sun and is not resistant to cold.

Zebrina Prayer Plant

Zebrina prayer plant is a perennial herb with erect and robust plants up to 3m high. Zebrina prayer plant has oblong lanceolate leaves, unequal sides, dark green leaf surface, this prayer plant variety has yellow green stripes, velvet like, leaf back is light grayish green when young, light purplish red when old, head, corolla purple or white. Zebrina prayer will bloom from May to June.

Setosa Prayer Plant

10 Beautiful Prayer Plant Varieties for Your Family
Setosa prayer plant is a foliage plant with some silver white stripes on the leaves, which is very beautiful. These stripes decorate the original green leaves more beautifully, just as some beautiful things decorate life more richly. This prayer plant variety likes mild sunshine, that is, it can't be without light, and naturally it can't be too strong.

Leuconeura Prayer Plant

10 Beautiful Prayer Plant Varieties for Your Family
Leuconiura prayer plant is often creeping, and the height of the plant is about 10cm-30cm, in a multi branched state, while the stem is creeping. The plants of leuconiura prayer plant are relatively small. They are generally cultured with relatively neutral or tall plants and propagate in windows, flower racks, desks, etc. this prayer plant variety gives people a unique elegance. It can also be placed in the office or indoors as hanging pots to hang plants for viewing.
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