How to grow Thalia Dealbata

Written by Maggie

Dec 18 2020

How to grow Thalia Dealbata

Thalia Dealbata likes warm, moist growing conditions and needs plenty of light. The temperature suitable for growth is between 20°C and 30°C, which is relatively not very cold resistant. It must be noted that the winter temperature should not be too low when growing Thalia Dealbata in winter. Thalia Dealbata is afraid of drought, so keep it wet when growing Thalia Dealbata. In addition, pay attention to the choice of soil, weak alkaline soil growth is better.

Thalia Dealbata is best to grow with roots and branches when breeding. You can take the sprouted roots out of the plant in the spring, plant them in a pot and apply enough fertilizer. When the plant is grown, move it to the pool.

Thalia Dealbata

How to grow Thalia Dealbata

1. Temperature for Thalia Dealbata 

The most suitable temperature for thalia dealbata development is between 20 and 30 degrees. Tropical plants are very resistant to freezing, and Thalia Dealbata is no exception. When the temperature drops below 10 degrees, the temperature stops rising, and Thalia Dealbata gets frostbite if it drops below 5 degrees, so Thalia Dealbata must be kept within the right temperature range if it is to be farmed.

2. Watering for Thalia Dealbata 

Thalia Dealbata is an aquatic plant. In the spring, a modest reduction in water supply is needed, with the aim of promoting the growth of branches and leaves. When the weather is hot, the amount should be increased to avoid water shortage when planting. Water should be controlled in autumn and winter to help it through the winter. It is best not to use fresh water because it contains chlorine, which can affect the growth of plants.

Thalia Dealbata

3. Fertilization for Thalia Dealbata

Potted plants have a small space for cultivation, so the nutrients in the soil will soon be exhausted and other nutrients need to be added in order to grow normally. It needs to be fertilized twice a month, and the type of fertilizer should be mild, mainly inorganic.

4. Light for Thalia Dealbata

Thalia Dealbata is a light-loving plant that needs to be planted in a sunny environment, but the temperature is relatively high in summer, so it needs shade, otherwise it will have an adverse effect on its flowering. At other times, the sun is relatively mild and can shine throughout the day.

Tips for growing Thalia Dealbata

1. Propagation of Thalia Dealbata: It can be propagated by sowing seeds, usually in the spring. Drop the seeds into the ready tilled soil, cover it with a thin layer of soil, then irrigate the soil and place it in a warm, dark place. This is a place where a young plant can emerge in a week, and when it has two leaflets, it can be transplanted and planted.

2. Pruning: There is no fixed pruning time. You just need to cut off the withered branches and leaves each time. One is to shape Thalia Dealbata, and the other is for nutrition.

Thalia Dealbata