Propagation methods of Yulan Magnolia

Written by Maggie

Nov 19 2022

Propagation methods of Yulan Magnolia

In fact, Yulan Magnolia has many ways of propagation. Generally, Yulan Magnolia propagtation methods include sowing, laying, grafting and cutting.

Yulan Magnolia

1. Sowing propagation of Yulan Magnolia

With proper care, Yulan Magnolia can bloom bird-shaped flowers! The sowing time of yulan magnolia is generally better in late September or early October.

First of all, take out the seeds from the ripe fruit, and put the seeds in the ash water for 1-2 days, rub off the waxy seed coat, and wash it with clean water before you can sow. If it is carried out in March indoor pot sowing, about 20 days can emerge seedlings.

2. Layered Propagation Method

Yulan Magnolia layering propagation method can be divided into two kinds: common layering and high branch layering.

Ordinary layering propagation of Yulan Magnolia

Common layering propagation of Yulan Magnolia is carried out from February to March. First of all, we need to hold good about half of the depth of the pressure to cut the branches. Cut up another section, then place a small tile in the middle and slowly press the branch into the ground to avoid breaking. Usable "U" form thick iron wire will help branch fixed, lest branch becomes warped, undertake pile-soil Use this method in spring, and when the root shoots are out, they can be cut off and planted.

High Branch Layering Propagation of Yulan Magnolia

The high-pressure original before the hot day, you first need to select branches with no diseases from the mother plant about 1.5 2 cm in diameter of the robustness of the tender branches. Cut a crack at the lower end of the basin fork and cover it with a bamboo tube or a bottomless earthen pot. Fill it with culture soil and tie it with string on the outside. To avoid being touched, water frequently, but not too much water, and can make the plant moist. New roots will grow around May next year, and they will be able to be transplanted. 

Yulan Magnolia

3. Grafting Propagation Method of Yulan Magnolia

The most popular method of propagation of Yulan Magnolia is grafting. Most rootstocks are selected from the two - or three-year-old plants of Magnolia Magnolia. The grafting on the branches of Yulan Magnolia plants can be done in June.

The cut is about 3-5 cm long and is bound tightly with a plastic strip after it is joined, allowing the cambium to bond tightly.

After about 3 months, when the stock and scion are basically grown together, they can be cut off from the mother plant, and the upper part of the stock is removed to get a new plant.

4. Cutting Propagation Method of Yulan Magnolia

To choose the growth of robust branches without pests and diseases as cuttings. Carefully handle cuttings after selection. Twinks inserted cuttings, immediately after the cuttings, to prevent wilting affect survival. The cuttings can also be kept from rotting if they are dipped in freshly burned wood ash.

After cutting, the cutting substrate should be kept moist. Generally, it will take root after cutting 50 days or so.

Yulan Magnolia