How to care for Yulan magnolia

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

How to care for Yulan magnolia

The Yulan magnolia has the characteristics of tall and straight upward, beautiful flower appearance. White as jade, sweet as orchid, and long flowering period, the Yulan magnolia is an excellent landscape tree and street tree, and in recent years. The introduction of home bonsais planting is conducive to the city courtyard home greening, beautification. Next, let's learn Yulan magnolia care.

Yulan magnolia

Yulan magnolia care for leaves falling in winter

The main reasons for Yulan Magnolia leaves falling in winter

  • (1) The room temperature is too high or the room temperature is suddenly high and low;
  • (2) Improper watering, pot soil suddenly dry and wet;
  • (3) Doors and Windows are too closed, the indoor air is too dry;
  • (4) Room temperature is too low;

Yulan magnolia care

When we first saw the leaves of Yulan Magnolia falling, the cause of falling leaves is found immediately, and the appropriate medicine is applied, it can still be remedied. The remedies are as follows:

Yulan magnolia

  • (1) The room temperature should be kept at 5 ~ 10℃, and light should be given appropriately;
  • (2) watering can not be arbitrary when the potting soil dry can be properly watered;
  • (3) when the climate is warm, pay attention to often open the window ventilation, indoor need to regularly spray water to maintain the air humidity.

Yulan magnolia care for leaves thin and no flowers

  • (1) The soil. Choose fertile loose, drainage good partial acid soil, such as leaf rot soil or Garden soil add 1/5 vinegar slag mixed medium.
  • (2) Fertilizer. Planting when joining a small amount of organic fertilizer, in the growth season (5 - September), every other week to apply 1 time of rare organic fertilizer. If yellow leaves appear in the process of planting and raising, they should be sprayed with 0.1 {BF} ferrous sulfate solution once a week and sprayed continuously for 3 times.
  • (3) Water. Always keep the soil moist, not too wet, also can not be short of water. In the high-temperature season, often spray water to the foliage and the surrounding environment, to increase the humidity of the air. In winter, we should control watering, with the same room temperature clean water wipe the leaf surface.
  • (4) Light. Yulan magnolia requires adequate light. Before the high-temperature season and afternoon, appropriately shade.
  • (5) Temperature. In winter temperature should be kept at about 12℃, the night temperature should be kept above 5℃.

Those in the basin. Every other year needs to change the basin 1 time, the time should be in early spring.

Trim. We should appropriately prune to remove weak technology, disease and insect branches, but can not prune roots. Each year in early spring, when Yulan Magnolia moves out of the house and after the flowers, the lower old leaves are removed.

Yulan magnolia