Propagation methods of Pole butterfly bush

Written by Maggie

Aug 31 2021

Propagation methods of Pole butterfly bush

The flowering period of Pole Butterfly Bush is from March to April, and it is highly adaptable. The common propagation methods include sowing and division. Let's take a look at the propagation methods of Pole Butterfly Bush.

Pole Butterfly Bush

Sowing propagation method of Pole Butterfly Bush

When it comes to the propagation of pole butterfly bush (Clerodendrum ugandense), the main method of propagation is sowing. After countless experiments, the survival rate of sowing propagation method is still very high. Of course, the premise is that we should master the operation method and be careful in the process. Below are the details of sowing propagation.

1. Matrix selection

Before we propagate the Pole butterfly bush, we first need to select the soil, which is the first step in laying the foundation, which is very important. Generally, it is best to choose loose and fertile humus soil as the matrix. This kind of soil is rich in nutrients, and its drainage and air permeability are better, which can make the plant better absorb nutrients.

2. Stromal disinfection

We choose Pole butterfly bush matrix, but also on the disinfection, lest infection of plant diseases and insect pests with to plant, at the time of sterilization we can break up and then spread in the sun insolates, also can put it in the wok, then open fire. Even if there are diseases and insect pests, that may be killed because of the high temperature.

3. Seed germination

In addition to the selection and disinfection of substrates, there is one pre-treatment that we need to do before sowing, and that is to accelerate the seeds of Pole Butterfly Bush. We can soak the seeds in 30-40℃ warm water for 12 or so to disappear, and when the seeds begin to absorb water and expand, we can take them out for sowing, so that the seeds can germinate more quickly.

Pole Butterfly Bush

4. Sowing propagation method

Before we apply sowing propagation method, start with a matrix of shi into the right amount of basal, then will spin off seeds evenly spread, on the surface of the soil after seeding in the above after 1-2 cm of soil water, basin of water when it is best to use leaching method, because the Pole butterfly bush seed is small, if direct water is easy to be washed away.

5. Post management

After you propagate successfully in accordance with the above methods, we can carry out the follow-up maintenance of them. There are also many points that we should pay attention to when maintaining Pole butterfly bush, such as watering and fertilizing. 

Division propagation method of Pole butterfly bush

The roots of Pole Butterfly bush have strong germination power, and when transplanting, 1 plant can be divided into 2-3 plants for transplanting. A reasonable distance is controlled, generally 1 m between plants and 2 m between rows.

Conclusion: After reading the above content, I believe you also have a certain understanding of how Pole butterfly bush propagates, hoping to be helpful to you.

Pole Butterfly Bush