Butterfly bush (Clerodendrum ugandense) profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 11 2021

Butterfly bush (Clerodendrum ugandense) profile

Butterfly bush, scientific name Clerodendrum ugandense, is a small evergreen shrub of the Genus Chengtung of the family Verbena (Haizhou Changshan Genus is also called Chengtung Genus). Butterfly bush is native to Uganda, Africa, so it is also called Jeontung of Uganda. Purple butterflies, beautiful purple flowers like butterflies. When in full bloom, the flowers are like butterflies dancing gracefully. As pure as an angel, so beautiful and noble, as bright as the stars in the dark night.

Butterfly bush adapts to semi-sunshine to full sunshine. The hot sun makes the leaves yellow, but does not affect growth and flowering.In winter, a cold snap can cause a slight dormancy of fallen leaves. Spring and summer flowering, inflorescences stretch out from branch tips, blossoming time quite a long opening period.

Butterfly bush picture

Butterfly bush

Butterfly bush info

Botanical Name Clerodendrum ugandense
Common Names butterfly bush
Plant Type Broadleaf evergreen
Sun Full sun and partial shade
Hardiness Zones 9 to 11
Flower color Light blue/violet (bicolor)
Foliage Evergreen
Mature size 2.00 to 4.00 feet high, 2.00 to 3.00 feet wide

 Morphological characteristics of butterfly bush

Butterfly bush is a tropical evergreen shrub with blue-white corolla, blue-purple labellum and completely flat petals. Cup-shaped calyx 5 lobed, lobes round, greenish purple, there are 4 slender straight forward curved filaments, purple or white, very unique.


Young branches of Butterfly Bush are square, purplish brown. The height is 60cm ~ 1 meter.


Butterfly bush leaves opposite, obovate to oblateolate, apex acute or obtuse, upper part of leaf margin shallowly serrate, lower part entire.


The flowers of Butterfly bush are pale blue to purple in color and resemble butterflies, with spreading petals, a white corolla, purplish-blue labellum, and slender stamens. Panicle is terminal. Calyx is 5-lobed, lobes rounded, greenish purplish.


Fruit of Butterfly bush is ellipse globose. Diameter is about 0.5~0.8 cm. The surface is punctured.

The ecological habits of the butterfly bush

Butterfly bush does not require strict soil quality, loam or sandy loam is preferred, and drainage needs to be good.

Butterfly bush likes high temperature, and the suitable temperature for growth is about 23-32 degrees, and it is adapted to the environment of half-sunshine to full sunshine. It blooms in spring and summer, and can be dwarfed after flowering to avoid getting taller and taller. In winter, Butterfly bush needs to be warm and sheltered from wind. In winter, the low temperature and cold current will cause a little dormancy phenomenon of fallen leaves. Apply a long - acting fertilizer at the end of winter and the beginning of spring, and replenish it once more after flowering.

Butterfly bush

How to grow and care for butterfly bush

The temperature

Butterfly bush likes hot weather, and the suitable growth temperature is about 23-32℃. In winter, plants need to be kept in a warm, sheltered place to survive the winter.


It is suitable for Butterfly bush plants to grow in the semi-sunshine to full sunshine environment. However, long-term exposure to the sun should be avoided, otherwise the leaves will turn yellow and the ornamental value will be reduced.


Apply a long - acting fertilizer at the end of winter and the beginning of spring, and replenish it once more after flowering.


The fertile loam or sandy loam with good drainage was suitable for Butterfly bush cultivation.


In winter, under cold conditions, there will be a slight dormancy phenomenon of leaves. Butterfly bush can be trimmed properly after flowering to prevent it from growing taller and thinner.

Butterfly bush propagation

Butterfly bush is commonly propagated by cuttage, and spring and autumn are the suitable period.

The distribution of the butterfly bush

Butterfly bush is native to Uganda in Africa, so it is also called Uganda Jeontung. Uganda in Africa is adapted to the climate of Butterfly bush.

The use of butterfly bush

Ornamental value

Butterfly bush has four long slender filaments that bend forward. They are purple or white and very chic. When in full bloom, the shape of the Flower is like the butterfly dancing, the flower posture is very elegant, very ornamental.

Potted flower bed

Butterfly bush is a fine Garden flower that can be used as a flower bed. Butterfly bush is a blue color that is relatively rare in the flower world, so it's sought after by people. Flowering period is longer, suitable for landscaping or potting.

Butterfly bush