Propagation methods of Irises

Written by Maggie

Jan 12 2021

Propagation methods of Irises

For Iris, there are three kinds of propagation methods commonly used: plant division, sowing and pellet division. The most common method is plant division. Flower friends can choose the appropriate propagation method according to their own conditions. The following are details of these three propagation methods of Iris.


Plant division propagation method of Iris

1. Plant selection: Suitable plants should be selected for the multiplication of Iris by planting, which requires good growth state and adult plants that have grown for 3-4 years. Such plants have robust tubers and nutrients, and the survival rate of such adult plants by planting is high, while the survival rate of small plants by planting is low.

2. Divide the tubers: Take out the selected plants from the pot, carefully observe the location of the roots, choose a clean and sterilized knife, and divide the tubers at the bottom, or break them off directly by hand, to ensure that each plant cluster has 1-2 leaf buds, so the survival rate is higher. Don't plant the tubers in a hurry after cutting them into several pieces. Put the tubers aside to dry. Don't touch water at the cut, but smear the ash on the cut.

3. Prepare the soil: Prepare the flowerpot for cultivation, prepare the soil suitable for growth. The soil requires loose and breathable, contains a certain permeability, and mixes certain organic fertilizer. The soil is first disinfected and sterilized after preparation before it is used for cultivation.

4. Plant on the pot: When ready, you can plant on the pot, don't plant too deep. After planting, pour water permeable, then pay attention to good maintenance.


Sowing propagation method of Iris

The first step of sowing propagation method of Irises is to prepare the healthy and plump seeds of Iris. The seeds need to be soaked before planting, otherwise they will not germinate properly.Just soak the seeds of Iris in water for a day or two.

Then put in the low temperature of 2-3 degrees Celsius environment, generally only need to pass about 2 weeks, and can be planted. It takes about a month or more for the seeds to germinate after they've been planted.

If germinating in the same year, seedlings need to be covered over the winter protection measures.

3. Ball-splitting propagation method of Iris

Bulb splitting propagation method of Iris is suggested to be carried out one week before planting, mainly because the bulb of bulbous iris contains much water. If the bulb is treated immediately, the wound is very likely to be infected with bacteria, which will lead to decay.

So you can dig out after the ground yellow storage, wait until the autumn planting and then divide the ball, generally planted in the garden green plants, but every 2 years divide the ball 1 times.