How to grow Iris

Written by Maggie

Jan 12 2021

How to grow Iris

We can grow Iris in a pot or hydroponic. Today, we'll see growing Iris hydroponic and growing hydroponic in the pot.


Growing Iris in the pot

When planting Iris in the basin, it is best to choose full, round seeds of the same year or annual. When growing, it can be humus soil, river sand, garden soil, vermiculite mixture preparation soil. Iris requires a lot of water, so when planted in a pot, you can water the plants according to the soil, and don't leave standing water. The following are steps to grow iris in the pot.

Choose seeds

Iris is an ornamental plant and is often grown as an ornamental flower. Some people ask how Iris is grown in a pot. Iris can usually be grown in a pot by sowing seeds. When growing Iris, it's best to choose current or annual seeds. The seeds you choose must be plump and round.

Preparation of soil

Iris likes to grow in loose, fertile, well-drained, humus-rich sandy loam. When growing in a pot, it can mix humus soil, river sand, garden soil, and vermiculite.Do not want oneself to make up soil. We can go to a florist shop to buy special raised flower soil, add a little nutrient liquid to be able to grow in soil later.

Reasonable watering

Iris likes moisture and is afraid of waterlogging, so it has a high demand for water. When it is planted in a pot, it can be watered according to the changes in the soil. Usually, it only needs to be watered properly when the soil turns white. Iris is very strict on the requirements of water, watering can follow the principle of not watering, watering is thorough. So it is not suitable to leave water.

Get plenty of light

Iris has a high demand for illumination during the growth process. The temperature in spring and autumn is moderate and the illumination is not strong. At this time, it is best to place the plants in a ventilated and adequately illuminated environment for cultivation. In summer, the temperature is higher and the light is stronger. At this time, it is best to place the plants in a semi-overcast environment and shade them appropriately at noon.


Hydroponic growing method of Iris

When aquaculture Iris, it is best to cut the branches from the perennial robust plants, after which the roots of the branches need to be properly pruned, and then the branches need to be immersed in potassium permanganate solution for disinfection. Iris has strict requirements on water quality. During hydroponics, the plants should be changed once in 2-3 days. The replaced water can be purified water. The following are details of growing Iris in hydroponic.

There are many different varieties of Iris, some varieties are hydrophytes, like to grow in a humid environment, for this variety of Iris can be kept in water, then how to grow iris in water? When growing Iris in water, it is best to cut off diseased branches from robust perennial plants.

Cut the length of the branch between 8 and 10cm, then we need to properly trim the root of the branch, usually the root of the branch to the best Angle of slanting. After pruning is finished, we had better place the branch to soak disinfection in potassium permanganate solution, soak 10 minutes or so, and we need to take out the branch next rinse with water.

After washing, branches need to be placed in the indoor cool and ventilated place to dry. Transparent glass bottles are the best choice when hydroponics Iris, which is conducive to observing the growth trend of plants. The amount of water used in hydroponic Iris can not cover the roots of the plants. Too much water will affect the normal growth of the plants and make the roots rot.

Iris has strict requirements on water quality. During hydroponics, the plants should be changed once every 2 to 3 days. The changed water can be purified water or filtered tap water. Iris grows quickly and takes root within a month when the branches are planted. The plants then need to be replenished with appropriate drops of nutrients in water.