Propagation methods of Asiatic apple

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

Propagation methods of Asiatic apple

Asiatic apple flower is a kind of flower that can blossom all year round. It is widely used in common landscaping and is one of the very common decorative flowers in the square flower beds of cities. So how does Asiatic apple propagate?Commonly, Asiatic apples can be propagated by cutting, division and sowing. Now, let's see these three propagation methods of Asiatic apple.

Asiatic apple

Cutting propagation of Asiatic apple

Cuttings selection

Asiatic apple flower cutting branches picking is very simple. Asiatic apples born from the branches of the flower are ok. We can even cut some flowers from other people's cuttings that are thrown away without flowers and then propagate them successfully.

The scissors for cutting branches should be sharp, so do not frack around the cuttings. We can also use a sharp knife to treat the cuttings, and try to make the cuttings oblique and neat. This can increase the contact area with the substrate, easy to absorb water and roots more.

The branch length that cuttings cut is 3 is better, the choice of specific length is general oneself feel appropriate ok, the requirement is not high also. The leaves of cuttings also need to be dealt with, and the wider leaves should be cut off in half to prevent water transpiration too fast, reduce the loss of water, and prevent branches from drying up too fast and unable to take root. Each cutting of the small leaf can be kept three or two, and can also leave no leaves.

Material preparation

Prepare cutting flowerpots, and they can be any flower pots, as long as it can be loaded into garden soil. Leaf rot soil, sand soil can be used for cuttings and water containers can be used. After two months or so, it can blossom!

Cuttage matrix recommended to buy some humus soil, especially some deployment of farm manure humus soil is best, humus + sand in accordance with the ratio of 2:3 can be stirred evenly. This kind of matrix is very good in air permeability and water drainage, which is very helpful for rooting and sprouting.

Cutting steps

Cuttings need to pay attention that substrates do not have to load too much, substrate too much on the one hand will increase the possibility of water. On the other hand, it is not good to judge the degree of dry and wet, watering is not good to grasp. When we are cutting, we can use a small stick to make a hole in the substrate, or dig a hole directly and then insert two sections of branches into it and gently press the surrounding substrate.

The cutting survival rate of Asiatic apple flowers is high, and there is no need to disinfect the cuttings in daily cuttings. Meanwhile, thanks to the rich water content of its branches, its own growth ability is also very strong. After cutting it down it will be watering, we can use the way of spraying water or soaking the soil at a time, the bottom of the pot has water outflow, soaking only needs to soak half of the pot soil. It can not be directly irrigated with large water, this will lead to the cuttings shift and not fixed, and ultimately affect the root.

At this point, the cutting work of asiatic apple flowers has finished, what we need to do is daily management. The first is to put it in a cool astigmatism place, avoiding direct light. It is best to put it in the morning. The sunshine can reach the place, noon will not be insulated, morning and evening weak light for about an hour.

Asiatic apple

Division propagation method of Asiatic apple

Division is one of the commonly used propagation methods for Asiatic apple flowers, which can be carried out in spring and autumn. Flower friends only need to segment the sprouted tubers of Asiatic apple longitudinally, and each stem block has 1 or 2 buds.

Place the separated stem blocks in the ventilated position to dry after cutting, and then plant them separately in pots. After planting, we need to water to maintain humidity, and the ambient temperature is controlled in 20 ~ 25℃ temperature, conducive to stem roots.

3. Sowing propagation method of Asiatic apple

Asiatic apple can also be propagated by sowing. The sowing propagation can be carried out in early spring or autumn. First of all, the seeds must be prepared, and the seeds must be healthy and full.

Sow Asiatic apple seeds evenly into the soil and press them flat. Then cover the seeds with a thin layer. Water the seeds by soaking them in a pot and water from the bottom of the pot to keep the soil moist.

After sowing, the ambient temperature is controlled at 20℃, and the seeds will germinate about 7-10 days after sowing. Know more about Asiatic apple care.

Asiatic apple