How to take care of Asiatic apple

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

How to take care of Asiatic apple

Many people have loved Asiatic apples since ancient times. The flowers of Asiatic apple are mostly very pink and very beautiful to look at. Many people grow it at home to decorate homes. How to take care of Asiatic apple when its leaves and buds are falling? Let's look at Asiatic apple care.

Asiatic apple

Asiatic apple care for leaves falling

Asiatic apples are a kind of flowers and plants suitable for raising at home. As long as there is proper amount of light, watering and maintenance in a warm environment, it can grow luxuriantly. However, sometimes leaves will fall during maintenance. Why do Asiatic apples lose their leaves? In fact, it is because of water shortage, lack of light, lack of fertilizer and disease caused by insects. Let's details of Asiatic apple care for leaves falling.

1. Watering

Asiatic apple is a plant that prefers a wet environment. If you water too little during maintenance, the leaves will slowly turn yellow and wither. Dehydration is a direct result of the plant's fragile leaves. If the leaves are yellow and the soil is dry, it is definitely due to dehydration.

Solution: The asiatic apple leaves drop caused by water shortage, which indicates that the Asiatic apple has been short of water for a long time, and can not be watered immediately to replenish water, which will lead to intolerance of the plant, and even plant death in serious cases. You need to spray water with a watering can, and then gradually increase the amount of water each day, slowly increasing the amount of water.

2. Enough light

Asiatic apple is like the sun, only enough sunshine can maintain the growth of the plant. If the plant is in a dark environment for a long time, the growth of the plant will be delayed because it can not cooperate with light, and the Asiatic apple will not open, and finally the leaves will slowly drop.

Solution: Asiatic apple is a light-loving plant. When caring, it must be placed in a sunny place. If the leaves have fallen, it is necessary to first put the plant in a sunny environment, and after proper watering and maintenance, it will slowly repair the plant dryness after a period of time.

3. Fertilizer

Many people do not know why Asiatic apple leaves falling. In fact, sometimes the plant does not have enough nutrients, and the phenomenon of leaves applers. Fertilizer is necessary for the plant to grow, just as it is for people to eat.

Solution: If Asiatic apple plants lose leaves because of insufficient nutrients, as long as the timely supplement of nutrients on the line, it is best to supplement the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer conducive to leaf growth, and pay attention that the beginning of the supplement of nutrients must be a small amount, so as to avoid plant intolerance, fertilizer harm.

4. Diseases and insects prevention

Sometimes Asiatic apples falling leaves are actually caused by diseases, especially brown spots, which will slowly make the leaves of the begonias appear yellow spots, and eventually until the leaves fall. This disease is mostly caused by too humid and stuffy conservation environments.

Solution: If half of Asiatic apples fall leaves due to disease, they should immediately move the plants to a warm, ventilated and cool environment, cut off the remaining disinfected leaves and burn them. Then dilute with 80% DPS in 800 times water, and spray the whole plant. After only 3 ~ 4 times, the disease will be removed slowly.

Asiatic apple

Asiatic apple care for buds falling

Asiatic apple buds falling are generally caused by lack of light and need to be moved to sunlight for photosynthesis. Watering too much pot water will also cause Asiatic apple buds, and we need to put in the sun loose soil, wait for it to dry before watering. If the lack of nutrients leads to bud drop, timely fertilizing Asiatic apple. The following are details of Asiatic apple care for buds falling.

1. Light

The flowering period of Asiatic apple is from April to May. If Asiatic apple falls its bud, it may be caused by the lack of light. Asiatic apple needs to get sufficient light in the flowering period, so the plants should be moved to the outdoor sunshine to keep the environment ventilated and put in the sunlight for photosynthesis.

2. Watering

A large amount of water to Asiatic apple, so that the pot soil is compact and airtight, will also make Asiatic apple bud, placed in the sun, with shovel and other tools to help loose the soil, wait for the soil dry and then appropriate watering, replace the matrix, Asiatic apple bud blooming.

3. Sufficient nutrients

If you do not fertilize Asiatic apple in time, which is damaged by aphids and other diseases, you can immediately apply fertilizer to the plant. If it is caused by pests and diseases, you will also cut off the branches and leaves of the disease and spray Bordeaux liquid and other corresponding agents.

4. Trimming care

When the branches and leaves of Asiatic apple are messy, the Asiatic apple can be combed and cut to take care of properly, and all the useless branches and leaves can be cut off. The shape of Asiatic apple can also reduce the consumption of soil nutrients by Asiatic apple and avoid the phenomenon of Asiatic apple dropping bud.

Asiatic apple