How to care for Asiatic apple

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

How to care for Asiatic apple

Asiatic apple in China is one of the most popular flowers, so there are a lot of people who grow Asiatic apple at home. However, they find its leaves drying and curly when growing it. The following are some Asiatic apple care guides.

Asiatic apple

Asiatic apple care for leaves drying

Asiatic apple flowering in 4 ~ 5 months, each time the bright and beautiful flowers, flower color is various, has a very high ornamental value. A lot of friends grow Asiatic apples to decorate homes, but the asiatic apple leaves are always dry. How to solve this problem? The following are details of Asiatic apple care for leaves drying.

1. Water

Asiatic apple needs water,otherwise it will lead to dry soil, can not provide Asiatic apple with sufficient water, so that the leaves gradually dry, and eventually lead to the Asiatic apple wither and die, and can not water too much, otherwise it will lead to root ulcers, affect the absorption of nutrients by Asiatic apple, make the leaves lose color, will easily lead to the death of Asiatic apple.

Solution: If Asiatic apples lack water, it needs a small amount of water, then gradually increases. Water in the right way, usually during the spring and autumn, Asiatic apple can be watered once every 2 ~ 5 days. In the summer soil dry point, it can be watered once every 1 ~ 2 days. In winter moisture needs to be reduced.

2. Sufficient nutrients

Every plant needs nutrients, and Asiatic apple leaves are dry due to insufficient nutrients. Without sufficient nutrients, Asiatic apples will suffer from poor growth, resulting in a lack of nutrients in leaves. Therefore, timely fertilization should be given to them, but excessive fertilization should not be applied, otherwise the Asiatic apple will cause futility.

Solution: If nutrient deficiency results in dry leaves, then the Asiatic apple leaf dry. We need to master the correct way to fertilize, careful caring Asiatic apple, pushing it slowly to recover.  During the spring and autumn, apply a phosphate fertilizer every 7 to 10 days. In summer, because Asiatic apples stop growing, so there's no need to fertilize.

3. Illumination

Asiatic apple likes to grow in the sun. We can carry out photosynthesis in the sun, help Asiatic apple absorb nutrients in the soil, make it grow better, make it grow more ornamental value. But if put in the shade, it can lead to poor Asiatic apple growth, leaf will gradually lose color, finally has dried up the leaves.

Solution: First you need to move it to the sun, and then use the correct breeding method, careful breeding Asiatic apple, make itS leaves gradually restore color, generally in the spring and autumn winter season. wE need to give it full sun, and on a rainy day, move it to indoor cultivation. We need to pay attention that, Asiatic apple can't be seen in the strong sunlight, using every summer to give its shade.

4. Ventilation

Each plant has different environmental requirements. Asiatic apple has high environmental requirements. It not only needs sufficient sunshine, but also needs to be bred in a well-ventilated environment, otherwise the plant will be hypoxic, the leaves will gradually dry up, and it is easy to induce diseases and insect pests, which will have a great impact on Asiatic apple.

Solution: If the environment is not well ventilated, resulting in plant hypoxia, suffering from diseases and insect pests, first of all, it is necessary to find a well-ventilated environment to help Asiatic apple grow, and then understand what diseases and insect pests Asiatic apple suffers from, the symptoms of medicine, so that the leaves of Asiatic apple slowly recover.

Asiatic apple

Asiatic apple care for leaves curly

When  care Asiatic apple improperly , it cause the phenomenon of leaf curling. Some flower friends may not know what is going on with the leaf curling of Asiatic apple. In fact, the reasons for this situation are very common, which are generally caused by improper water, fertilizer and illumination. The following are details of Asiatic apple care for leaves curly.

1. Watering

Asiatic apple is afraid of waterlogging. The old leaves of Asiatic apple will gradually turn yellow and roll after water accumulation in basin soil. This is because the water accumulation will cause hypoxia of roots, and in severe cases, it is easy to cause root rot.

[Solution] : After the basin soil water, the basin soil water should be changed in time. We can put Asiatic apple soil out of the basin, and then put in a cool and ventilated place to dry, after you can re-basin maintenance.

2. Fertilization

If too much fertilizer is applied, Asiatic apple leaves can also be curled.The excess fertility of the soil may cause root burning, which will cause the leaves to roll and wither. If not treated in time, it may cause the plants to die.

[Solution] : At this time, it should be timely dilution of soil fertility, pouring a lot of water to the basin soil, and then the excess water discharge. After watering too much in accordance with the treatment method,  dry the basin soil. If it's too serious, just replace the soil.

3. The soil  

Asiatic apple likes to grow in more acidic soil. If the soil is more alkaline, the leaves of Asiatic apple will also curl and turn yellow over time, which seriously affects the growth of the plant.

[Solution] : In this case, we need to improve the pH value of the soil. When watering, we can use grass to water, and we can also add an appropriate amount of ferrous sulfate solution in the water, so that the leaves will return to normal.

4. Enough light

Asiatic apple kept indoors is easy to suffer from insufficient light. If it does not receive light for a long time, the leaves of Asiatic apple will curl and turn yellow, which will also lead to long and weak branches and leaves, and the leaves will fall off at the touch.

[Solution] : The Asiatic apple needs to be moved to a place where there is sunlight scattering. After it is adapted to the scattered light, it can be moved to a mild sunlight to receive sunlight. After a period of time, the leaves will return to normal. 

Asiatic apple