Orchids caring tips

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

Orchids caring tips

Orchids are very common in our life. It is common to see orchids growing in the pots for decorating homes. During growing, many problems occur, as leaf tips burn, etc.. Here are some orchids caring tips for you, hopeing to be helpful to you.


Orchids caring tips for leaf tips burn. 

The reason for the orchid burn tip is more concerned with moisture, temperature, nutrients and environment. If water or nutrients are deficient, we need to give orchids water fertilization timely, for its water and nutrients. If the temperature is too low, we need to adjust the temperature for orchids. If the environment is not appropriate, we need to replace the appropriate growth environment for orchids. The following are details of orchid caring tips for leaf tips burn. 

The focal point of orchid refers to the gradual blackening of the leaf tip, which will become dry and dry in the later period. Orchids are wet-loving plants that thrive in cool, moist, well-ventilated environments. The charred tip may be caused by a lack of water.If insufficient water leads to orchid leaf tip burn, we need to give orchid water, for its supplement of water, later should adjust the way of watering.

Orchids like a cool climate environment, suitable for the growth of the temperature between 15 ~ 25 degrees, winter temperature of more than 5 degrees. During its growth, if the temperature of the environment is too low, the tip of the orchid will also become burnt. If the temperature is too low, it is necessary to adjust the temperature in time. Move the orchids to a warm and ventilated environment for curing.

Orchids need nutrients during growth, especially before flowering, and adequate nutrients are conducive to the growth of flowers and leaves. During the growing period, orchids lack nutrients and the flowers will not open, the leaves will be pointed and withered. If nutrients are deficient, we need to fertilize orchids in time, for its fertilizer supplement, later maintenance needs to stop fertilizing times.

Orchids are best in moist, well-ventilated locations, but the environment is too well ventilated, making the air even drier. During the growing period, the burnt tip of orchid leaves may be related to the ventilation of the environment. If the ventilation is too strong, the wind is too strong, the air is too dry, the orchids need to be moved to a cool and humid environment for curing.


Orchids caring tips for watering

Orchids water quality requirements are very high, and can be purified water. If we use tap water to air in advance. Water early or late in the day, not mid-day. When the growing season can be two days or so, summer temperature is higher and can often spray water to the leaf, winter control water, half a month water on the line. The following are details of Orchids caring tips for watering.

1. Water quality requirements

Orchids have very high requirements for water quality, it is best to use pure water and mineral water, or reserve a little rain water, water quality is neutral. If you only have tap water, you can leave it for three or four days and remove the chlorine after exposure, otherwise the oxidants in the water could damage the roots of the orchids.

2. Water temperature control

Orchids also have certain requirements for water temperature, to ensure that the water temperature is similar to the environmental temperature, not too high or too low, you can choose to water in the morning and evening when the temperature is cool, effectively promoting absorption. Do not choose to water at noon, it will lead to a temperature difference that is too large, otherwise it will affect the absorption of water in the root of orchids.

3. State watering

If the newly-planted orchid seedlings have some wounds in their roots, the roots cannot adapt to the environment well and have poor absorption capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to water the roots well first, pay attention to the protection of fixed roots, and pay attention to not watering too often. After a period of maintenance, proper watering can be carried out.

4. Watering frequency

Spring and autumn are the growing period of orchids, water demand is large, maintain the frequency of two days watering, summer temperature is higher, and it can be sprayed on the surface of the leaves of water, do a good job of cooling and moisturizing. Arrive the dormant period of winter orchid, we can reduce water appropriately, water once every half a month.