How to Propagate Persian Violet with Simple Steps

Written by Maggie

Mar 15 2023

How to Propagate Persian Violet with Simple Steps

Often planted in terraced planters, Persian violet is a diminutive plant that also works well in pots. Each petal is round, like a little doll's face. How to propagate Persian violet? Persian violet can be propagated by sowing. Let's learn together.

propagate Persian violet

Sowing Propagation Time of Persian Violet

The florets depend on seeds for propagation, and the time of operation is not very strict, but not in the middle of summer. In the other three seasons, seeds can be planted. In spring and autumn, the temperature is just right for small flowers to germinate. At high temperatures, seeds are likely to go into hibernation and not reproduce properly.

The Steps of Persian Violet Propagation

First of all, we must choose the right soil for propagation. This flower requires that the pH of the soil can not be too high, it is best to be in the range of 5-5.5, the requirements of the soil is not very much. If the loose humus soil is better, before planting, add a little basic fertilizer, so as to ensure that in the early growth, to give them enough nutritional supply.

The seed for Persian violet propagation also needs light at this stage of germination, so the vermiculite on top of the seed should be thinner after planting. And both seeds and substrates must be thoroughly disinfected before planting. There should be some moisture in the soil, but not too much water, too much water will cause the seeds to not be able to breathe properly.

After sowing propagation of Persian violet, it should be properly shaded, so that the sun can not directly shine on the seeds. It can be in the pot in about a month, and it can be maintained normally after the root system is stable.

Maintenance after Propagating Persian Violet

About half a month after the persian violet has been propagated in the pot, start to fertilize the plant once a week until it blossoms. Before flowering, you must add fertilizer with more phosphorus. The concentration of fertilizer should not be too high, or it will burn the plant.A lso note that you must pay attention to ventilation, planting density is not too high, if the flowers bloom too early, to remove the flowers, otherwise the plant may be early flowers absorb some of the nutrients, the plant will not grow properly.

propagate Persian violet