Sedeveria Markus profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 16 2021

Sedeveria Markus profile

Sedeveria Markus is a cross between the genera Sedum and Echeveria, Sedeveria Markus was imported from South Korea and is a robust species with large lateral shoots. The variety may become cheaper next year as new shoots and pedicel buds grow. It is also a very elegant face. The flowers look beautiful. Small buds are cut off and planted.

Sedeveria Markus picture

Sedeveria Markus

Sedeveria Markus features

Sedeveria Markus, long, key-shaped leaves with obliquely pointed anterior segments, easily reddish, smooth adaxial surface, boat-shaped dorsal surface, mostly green, yellow-green to orange-yellow, pink. Closely arranged sedeveria markus is Lotus leaf maintained properly, the blade can appear very package and color orange-red, very attractive, more is flat, lower leaves only center blade slightly package, as long as it is green, very attractive. Although sedeveria Markus orange-pink is not easy, but to have a bit of powder, like this a little bit moving, as long as give full of light, a little water control, is relatively easy to achieve. Sedeveria Markus flowers in late spring or early summer, with bright white stars and yellow cores, and clusters of fresh and lovely flowers.

Sedeveria Markus habits

Sedeveria Markus prefers warm, dry and airy, sunny environments that are hardy, drought-tolerant, and shade-tolerant. Sedeveria Markus has strong adaptability, can not withstand the hot sun exposure. When the temperature reaches about 35 degrees in summer, measures should be taken to ventilate and shade the sun. The suitable temperature for Sedeveria Markus growth is 15-25 degrees. Growing season to keep the potting soil moist, watering about 3 times a month, do not rain for a long time and overwatering. You can go without watering in winter. Keep the basin soil dry to survive the winter safely.

Sedeveria Markus

Sedeveria Markus growing methods

1. Watering: watering is dry before watering thoroughly, do not water, watering every month about 3 times in summer, do not rain for a long time and excessive watering, winter can not be watered, keep the basin soil dry can be safe through the winter.

2. Temperature: the summer temperature reaches 35 degrees or so to take measures to ventilation shading. The suitable temperature for Sedeveria Markus growth is 15-25 degrees. Keep the soil moist in the growing season, and gradually cut off the water when the temperature is below 5 degrees in winter. Keep the soil dry when the temperature is below 3 degrees, and try to keep it no less than minus 3 degrees.

3. With the soil: with the soil, is generally breathable, we can choose peat mixed with particles of pumice, and then in the soil surface laid clean pumice.

4. Sedeveria Markus: Slight dormancy in summer. Ventilation shading, hot summer every month 4 to 5 times water, not pouring through. In order to maintain the normal growth of the Sedeveria Markus, the summer water is too easy to rot.

5. Sedeveria Markus winter: water should be gradually cut off when the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius in winter. Keep the soil dry when the temperature is below 3 degrees Celsius, and try to keep it at least 3 degrees below zero. This will be safe for winter, cold winter moisture will rot the roots.

Sedeveria Markus method of propagation

Propagation of Sedeveria Markus can be done during the growing season by cutting and dividing plants.

Generally beheaded explode cub cuttings and leaves, cut down the plant can be directly cuttings in the dry granular soil after the roots can be a small amount of water supply. The leaf insertion method is to take full leaves, put Sedeveria Markus in the shade to dry the wound, and then placed Sedeveria Markus on the slightly wet soil, it will slowly grow roots after germination, the process is a little long, but you can get a lot of small side buds, side buds grow up, you can take out the cuttings.

Sedeveria Markus