Persian violet profile

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Jan 23 2021

Persian violet profile

Persian violet, scientific name Exacum affine, an annual plant in the Gentianaceae family, is a lovely little flower. The plant is small and exquisite, suitable for potting, often with Ligge Begonia, shrimp, cyclamen and other steps flower groove, window planting groove and flower bed layout, fresh and quiet and elegant, giving a person a sense of comfort.

Persian violet picture

Persian violet

Morphological characteristics of Persian violet

Persian violet (Exacum affine) plant height is only 10 cm, leaves ovate or heart-shaped, dark green, shiny and dense, good branching, like a small shrub. Disc-shaped or disk-shaped flowers, purple blue, stamens bright yellow Ming Yan, and will send out a rich aroma.

Choose a compact plant shape, plump, not more than 30 centimeters high, 2 centimeters in diameter disc flowers. persian violet has bright yellow pollen around the disk, olive green oval leaves, large, long-lived flowers, and fragrant blue and white flowers. Sow in spring and blossom in summer and autumn.Sow in summer and blossom in spring. The aroma is the same as freesia.


Persian violet (Exacum affine) lightly branching, shrubby like. 


Persian violet (Exacum affine) leaves are ovate or heart-shaped, dark green, shiny and dense. 


Persian-Violet (Exacum affine) flower dish shape or dish shape, purple blue, stamens bright yellow, and can send out rich aroma. Floral color also blue and white, Persian violet April - August.

Ecological habits of Persian Violet

Persian Violet (Exacum affine) likes warm and humid, and its growth temperature is 18~25℃. The lowest temperature in winter is 7~10℃. It likes sufficient sunshine.

The range of Persian Violet

Persian Violet (Exacum affine), originally from Socotra Island, is now mainly distributed in China, Japan, and India.

Persian violet

The growing method of Persian Violet

Organic matter- rich sandy loam or leaf-rot soil is the best soil for cultivation of Persian violet. Pelvic floor drainage should be good. Persian violet likes a cool environment, potted appropriate place slightly cool and indirect sunshine location, avoid strong direct sunlight, if in the shade under 70-80% light fertility is the most ideal. The basin soil for Persian violet needs to keep the humidity frequently, the excessive drought birth is blocked. Persian violet likes warm, avoid high temperature and wet, suitable temperature for growth 15-25 degrees C, late spring flowering if in the event of a high temperature of 28 degrees C above, to prevent withering decay, to extend the flowering period. Flowering will immediately cut off the residual flowers, and can promote the recrystallized bud bloom. 

Persian Violet grows at an appropriate temperature of about 20-30℃. When cultivated outdoors, it should be placed in the cool half-day shade in midsummer to avoid direct exposure to strong light.If be placed indoors, appropriate can be put in an adequate light place.Persian Violet avoids high temperature and humidity. Maintaining appropriate humidity can avoid growth retardation caused by excessive drought. During the growth period of Persian violet, Huabao II can be diluted 1000 times, and applied once every 20 days for topdressing, to help plants grow well. During the flowering period, after using Huabao 3 to dilute 1000 times, apply supplemental phosphate and potassium fertilizer once every seven to ten days, and cut off the residual flowers to avoid consuming nutrients, which can make the flowers bloom continuously.

The optimal growth temperature of Persian Violet is 16 ~ 18 degrees at night and 24 ~ 27 degrees at day. Basin soil  for Persian violet should always maintain humidity, excessive drought fertility will be blocked. Shading is needed during the summer reproductive period, and shading nets should be removed during spring and early fall until they are slightly shaded after flowering. Shading at this time can make flowers darker blue in color, while excessive light and heat can easily cause flowers to wither. Flowering will immediately cut off the remaining flowers, and can promote flowering in the bud.

The optimum growth temperature of Persian Violet is 16 ~ 18 C at night and 24 ~ 27 C at day.The soil in the basin should always maintain humidity. Excessive drought will hinder the growth of plants in the winter. Under the condition of low temperature and light, plants are weak and vulnerable to disease, so reduce fertilization and control moisture. Flowering will immediately cut off the remaining flowers, and can promote the flowering in the bud.

The propagation methods of Persian Violet

The propagation method of Persian Violet (Exacum affine) is mainly seeding, generally in autumn, winter and spring as the suitable sowing period. Seed is good light, germination temperature is about 20℃, about 10 to 14 days after sowing germination.

Persian violet seeds are very small, general professional producers take two seedling methods: first sow in the rice seedling basin, then take the bottom basin water method to avoid watering washed off the seeds and maintain humidity. When the leaves of Persian violet are 3-4, carefully pick up the seedlings and plant them in a seedling pot of 228 grids. When the leaves are 6-8, transplant them into the cultivation pot. The cultivation soil should be loam soil with good drainage and ventilation.

The use of Persian Violet

Persian Violet (Exacum affine) is perfect for small potted plants and can be used as an indoor decoration after flowering. It is fragrant and beautiful and is very popular with people.

Persian Violet is a kind of lovely flowers, small and exquisite plants, suitable for potted plants, often with Liger Begonia, shrimp flower, cyclamen, etc., placed on the steps of the flower slot, window planting slot and flower bed layout, fresh and elegant, give a person with a sense of comfort.If you use Persian Violet, Seasonal Begonia, New Guineas, etc., embedded in the lawn along the edge of the garden, people feel particularly fresh and refreshing. Packaged potted Persian violet can be given as gifts.

Persian violet flower language

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Persian violet