How to propagate Crown of thorns

Written by Maggie

Sep 09 2021

How to propagate Crown of thorns

The most commonly used propagation method of Crown of thorns are cuttings, which can also be used by tissue culture propagation. Generally we use cutting propagation. The following are propagation methods of Crown of thorns.

propagation methods of Crown of thorns
Crown of Thorns - Most Common House Plant

Cutting propagation of Crown of thorns

Substratum for cutting propagation of Crown of thorns

Matrix is the soil, family cuttings are difficult to choose a very ideal cutting matrix, it is recommended to use good and sterilized soil, and can make cuttings for propagation grow in a sterile environment. Alive selection of coarse sand, but before the use of water to wash several times, the river sand in saline areas or do not use, not easy to plant growth.

Cutting propagation branches of Crown of thorns

In early spring, or late autumn, choose the noon temperature is not more than 28℃, the night temperature is not less than 15℃ days, in late spring to early autumn when the temperature is high, cuttings are easy to rot, it is best not to cut them. Cut off the branches for cutting propagation with 3-4 leaves, put them in a cool place to dry the wound, plant the cuttings in the soil, then spray the branches wet. As long as the soil is not too dry or too wet, the plant will soon start to have roots.

Curing after cutting propagation of Crown of thorns

Cutting propagation of Crown of thorns does not need to be on the pot, if cutting several plants needs to be moved to the pot seedlings. When the plants have two or three leaves, uproot them and plant them in a pot.Then place the pot in a cool place for maintenance. The purpose is to serve the pot, so that the plant as soon as possible can adapt to the new environment.

Tissue culture propagation method of Crown of thorns

The Crown of thorns tissue cultures propagation is a result of the ovaries of flowers, resulting in a variety of genes, which are biological in nature, but most of the Crown of thorns at a mass in the market are resulting in this way. On the speed of propagation, quantity, it can be one of the best, but from the quality of speaking, or cutting the most practical way.

propagation methods of Crown of thorns