10 best indoor succulents

Written by Maggie

Oct 22 2021

 10 best indoor succulents

What are best succulents to grow indoors? Succulents can not only be grown on their own but also pair well with other types of plants. Succulents come in a variety of shapes, colors and styles and are ideal for anywhere from a home office to a child's bedroom. Indoor succulents grow best at room temperature and with little humidity when dry. While they love direct sunlight, they can also adapt to lower levels of light, making them ideal for home decor.


Burro's-tail is one of the easiest to breed and care for, which makes it a top choice for indoor plants. This succulent grows best indoors in a well-drained container with long stems that can hang down from the sides of the pot.  

10 best indoor succulents
Burro's-tail is one of the best indoors succulents

Crown of thorns (Euphorbia)

The crown of thorns is a great houseplant because it adapts to dry indoor environments and temperatures. Growing this succulent plant is easy. Put the succulent near a window and it will get three to four hours of sunlight a day. The crown of thorns is very loose when watering is missed, but when the soil is completely dry, be sure to water only the plants. There is a legend in Thailand that the number of flowers blooming in the crown of thorns indicates the future of the plant breeder. So, take good care of this!  

10 best indoor succulents
Crown of thorns is one of the best indoors succulents

Echeveria Bradburiana

Echeveria Bradburiana is an indoor plant native to Madagascar. It prefers temperatures of 60 to 85 degrees and is very sensitive to cold, which is why it's best suited indoors. Echeveria Bradburiana grows best in drainage tanks with holes in the bottom. They prefer areas with good light, and eight to 10 hours of sun exposure a day will produce more buds and flowers. In late fall and early winter, this succulent plant produces buds with four petals that can be a range of colors from deep red to gold and white. As a desktop plant, it's awesome.  

10 best indoor succulents
Echeveria Bradburiana is one of the best indoors succulents

Crassula ovata 

The Crassula ovata potted plant has a thick trunk that is shaped like a miniature tree. This succulent plant has thick, glossy dark green leaves that are oval in shape.  Some varieties of Crassula ovata show red at the tip of their leaves. When planted ripe, if the conditions are right, Crassula ovata can form beautiful white or pink flowers that bloom in the shape of stars.  

10 best indoor succulents
Crassula ovata is one of the best indoors succulents


Aloe is a house plant known for its food treatment. Planted more in the tropics, mainly for medicinal purposes. You can use the aloe vera compound to relieve scratches and burns. This succulent plant is used in burn creams, body lotions, drinks and cosmetics. We can also do bonsai put interior decoration home.Leaves fleshy, thick and spiky, greenish-gray in color. There are spots on the leaves, and the white spots show directly from the base of the plant.  

10 best indoor succulents
Aloe is one of the best indoor succulents

Chocolate soldier

The chocolate soldier is one of the most interesting indoor succulents because of its small, fuzzy leaves. It can be kept indoors all the time, and although this succulent can flower in the right environment, it rarely does. Because of its small size and soft texture, the moon rabbit looks good in a children's room or hanging.  

10 best indoor succulents
The chocolate soldier is one of the best indoor succulents

Cactus (Crinoids )

The Crinoids belongs to the cactus variety and have sharp spines on their outside. It is native to Mexico but is also found in some parts of the southwestern United States. This succulent plant belongs to the Mammillaria family and is made up of more than 250 species of cactus. The Latin word mammillaria, which means "nipple," refers to the tubular feature protruding from the outside. Pillow is a type of Crinoids that usually doesn't grow too big, blooms beautifully, and works well indoors.  

10 best indoor succulents
Crinoids are one of the best indoor succulents

Greenovia aurea

Greenovia aurea are low-growing succulents, only about ten centimeters high. greenovia aurea grows fast and can be used in a container on a windowsill or in a flowerpot. In summer, fleshy roses bloom in clusters of pale pink stars that can add a touch of color to your home. Roses are fleshy, light-loving and partially shaded, so they work well on a windowsill.  

10 best indoor succulents
Greenovia aurea is one of the best indoor succulents

Snake (Clover)

Clover is native to West Africa, snakes are one of the easiest succulents to grow. It can be left alone for a long time and still grow well. Long variegated leaves of varying shades of green. Indoor succulents are one of the first to survive in low-light rooms with less water. NASA studies show that the plant can even improve the air quality of your home by removing toxins and pollutants while you sleep!  

10 best indoor succulents
Clover is one of the best indoor succulents

Aloe zebrina Baker

Aloe zebrina Baker can grow to a height of ten centimeters. It doesn't take up a lot of space and doesn't require much care, so it works well as a houseplant. The aloe zebrina baker gets its name from the white variegated stripes on its leaves. These striking leaves point in different directions from their stems. This plant has shallow roots and is best grown in smaller pots. aloe zebrina Baker produces bright yellow, tapered flower heads that last about a week. They are delicate, slow-growing, and odd-looking. It is very beautiful to put on shelves or desks as decorations.  

10 best indoor succulents
Aloe zebrina Baker is one of the best indoor succulents

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