How to propagate Azalea Bonsai Tree

Written by Maggie

Jan 20 2021

How to propagate Azalea Bonsai Tree

Azalea Bonsai Tree is one of the most beautiful rhododendrons with a variety of colors and graceful flowers. It is one of the most fertile rhododendrons. Propagation methods include cutting, grafting, layering, sowing and other propagation methods. Propagation using cuttings usually begins between May and June. Cutting should choose relatively close to mature tender stems, the required length of about 12-15cm is appropriate. Cut off the leaves at the bottom of the branches, leaving only the tender ones at the top, and insert the branches into the fertile soil of your choice about halfway down the branch. After planting, you need to keep the moisture in the soil, so you can take root and grow in about two months. The following are propagation methods of Azalea Bonsai Tree.

propagation methods of Azalea Bonsai Tree.

Layering propagation method of Azalea Bonsai Tree

Layering propagation is usually done in April or May of spring. Pick the mature branches that have been two or three years, remove the bark with a knife about 20cm from the top of the ring 1.5cm wide, and then wrap it with plastic wrap and laminating, paying attention to keep the soil moist during the growth. It takes about four to five months for new roots to grow out. When the roots are cut off, they can be planted directly in pots. 

Grafting propagation method of Azalea Bonsai Tree

Grafting propagation method of azalea bonsai Tree is usually carried out in May. Two to three years old robust rhododendron hair is selected as rootstock for belly grafting propagation or split grafting propagation of shoots.

(1) Side grafting. Choose thrive annual already lignification as cuttings or half lignification shoots (for 3-4 piece of the parietal lobe short to 1/31/2 and cut into wedges base), in the root stock base on 6-10 cm of the smooth, oblique cut a knife, to 1 cm in length, depth of xylem 1/3), embedding scion rootstock interface cambium, tied tightly with plastic film, plastic bags again on site, together with the full set of scion, the grafting after ends up in the half Yin for routine maintenance and management. Wait until the growth of 3-4 pieces of new leaves, in the cloudy day to uncover the plastic bag, cut the interface on a part of the rhododendron branches, pay attention to watering or ground spray water. When the scion is branched again in the spring of the second year, remove all the stock branches. 

(2) Split grafting propagation of shoots. Select annual azalea bonsai tree vigorous shoots as scion (base cut into 1-1.5 cm wedge), will thrive on the root stock was born strong branches at the top of the twig to remove part of the blade, cut with a knife to crown, in the middle of the branches at the top of the xylem straight cut one knife depth (1.5 cm), insert a scion of stock split, cambium, with plastic film 'belt tied to bungalows on plastic bags and good mouth, where half the Yin to maintenance. After 2 months, the scion grew well and had leaves.

propagation methods of Azalea Bonsai Tree.

Sowing propagation method of Azalea Bonsai Tree

Sowing propagation is generally in spring April when the temperature 22-24℃ is appropriate. Be careful to disinfect the soil before sowing. The seeds of Azalea Bonsai Tree are relatively small, so you don't need to cover them with soil after sowing. Just press them gently. It will sprout in about half a month, but the growth rate of the young plants is relatively slow. When the new plants have two leaves, they can be transplanted. Soft, fertile, weakly acidic sandy soil with good drainage is needed for transplantation. A full mix of decayed soil, mixed culture soil and coarse sand can be used as the substrate. Water supply in the soil layer should be maintained during the growth of seedlings. It is important to note that it takes four to five years for the planted Azalea Bonsai Tree to flower, so it is better to use other methods if you want the Azalea Bonsai Tree to bloom as soon as possible.

propagation methods of Azalea Bonsai Tree.