How to grow Codariocalyx motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi

Written by Maggie

Nov 26 2020

How to grow Codariocalyx motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi

Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi is a beautiful flower, and it is very romantic to send your partner a home-bred Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi on a special day. But how is Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi farmed? What good method does breeding have again? Please read along with me with questions!

Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi picture

 Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi

Breeding method of Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi (Basic Knowledge) :

Best breeding time: The best breeding time of Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi is from March to June, which is available in all seasons in south China.

Best growing soil for Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi: Dry sandy gravel soil with light salinity and based on farm fertilizers.

Growth humidity requirement: Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi likes a wet environment, always paying attention to watering to keep the soil moist.

Optimal growth temperature: Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi should be kept at a suitable growth temperature, which is 18 ~ 20℃ in the daytime and 10 ~ 15℃ at night. The minimum temperature should not be lower than 0℃, otherwise it will cause frostbite and freeze to death.

Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi prefers to turn the flowerpot as often as possible so that the leaves and branches can receive sunlight at all angles and grow well.

 Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi

Breeding Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi Cautions:

Fertilizer application: Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi tolerates poverty, but proper fertilizer and water can make it grow more significantly.vIn general, after the planting of seedlings into the growth period can start topdressing. It is generally considered that compound fertilizer containing nitrogen and potassium should be applied once every 10 days, and the soil should be kept wet, so as to promote the growth of Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi seedling. After entering the flowering period, the fertilizer and water should not be cut off.

Ohashi Watering tips: Water in the morning, out of the sun. It is better to place 4 ~ 6 minutes first, disperse the chlorine in tap water. When watering, it is best to use a thin eye pot, from far away from the plant, gradually close to the plant. Water a few more all round, plant nearby a few less, do not splash as far as possible on leaf, stem.

There is no strict requirement for Ohashi's pruning, but it can be done according to the way you like.

Replacement of base soil: When Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi is potted, the base soil can be changed once every 1 to 2 years. Be careful not to damage the root system, and cut off the old branches appropriately.

 Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi

Key points of propagation: Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi usually propagates by sowing and cutting.

1. Sowing and propagation: After disinfecting the surface of Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi seeds, the seeds germinated 3 to 4 days later, which means that clusters of seedlings would soon grow out.

2. Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi cutting propagation: It can be carried out in spring, summer and autumn, indoor or greenhouses in winter. Cut the current year's strong branches as cuttings, cut them into a section 5cm long (leaving a leaf at the top and a branch at the base), insert them into the fine sand basin, insert them into the depth of 2/3 of the ear length, and then pour water through them. Place the pot in a cool and ventilated place, cover with a glass panel and spray water frequently to moisturize. Take root after 10 days, and after a few days, cover the seedlings without water for 3 days, then the pot can be transplanted.

Disease and insect control: Codariocalyx Motorius (Houtt.) Ohashi insect infestation is few, but disease is more, especially serious in the growing of vegetable stubble and other crops. The main diseases are powdery mildew, anthrax, leaf spot, root rot and phytophthora blight. When the disease occurs, the leaves should be cut off and burned in time or 50 {BF} carbazine wettable powder, 500 times liquid or topjian wettable powder 500 times liquid should be sprayed every 10 to 14 days, and 3 to 4 times of spraying can be cured.