Tradescantia ohiensisRaf profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 27 2020

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf profile

Because Tradescantia ohiensisRaf has a long flowering period and a peculiar and beautiful form, it is suitable for viewing the shape, bud and inflorescence of the undergrowth of trees and the long leaves of irises. Tradescantia ohiensisRaf is used for flower beds, the road on both sides of the bush plant effect is good, also can be potted for indoor decoration, or for hanging cultivation.

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf picture

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf

The morphological characteristics of Tradescantia ohiensisRaf

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf is a perennial herb. The stem is upright and divided into segments, strong and clustered. It has tall clusters, up to 25-50cm in height;Leaves alternate, 5-7 linear or lanceolate stems and leaves per plant.Inflorescence terminal, umbelliform, purple flowers, petals, sepals are 3, ovoid sepals are green, broad ovate petals are bluish purple. It has 6 stamens, 3 degenerate, 2 fertile, 1 short and slender. It has 1 Pistil, ovary obovate, 3-loculed, style slender, stigma hammer-like. The capsule is suborbicular, 5-7mm long, glabrous. Seeds are olive-shaped, 3mm long.The flowering period is from June to late October.

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf  habitat

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf Is native to the Tropical regions of The Americas, and is introduced and cultivated in China. 

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf growth habit

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf likes warm and wet half hade environment, cold resistant, and the most appropriate temperature is between 15-25℃. It does not require much for the soil, and can grow normally in sandy soil and loam. Avoid water in the soil,and in neutral or alkaline soil, the growth is good. After domestication, Tradescantia ohiensisRaf can be open to the winter. Cover the winter with a plastic film for insulation. Flowering time can be advanced to mid-late April. The root tiller and axillary buds of Tradescantia israf can sprout new branches many times in the growing season, and each branch top can form flower buds.

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf

The main value of Tradescantia ohiensisRaf

Landscape application

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf is mostly used as a forest ground in the garden. It can observe the flowers and leaves, and absorb dust, purifying the air. The design and color of Tradescantia ohiensisRaf is bright, long flowering, strong resistance, and high reproduction coefficient. It can overwinter on the ground, so it can be popularized and applied vigorously in the urban and rural greening of northeast China, North China, Central China and East China region. 

Monitoring and pollution

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf micronuclei monitoring method is very effective in monitoring inkstone pollution, which is simple and economical.

Tradescantia ohiensisRaf