How to grow Sophora japonica Linn

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to grow Sophora japonica Linn


Sophora japonica Linn

Preparation for Sophora japonica Linn

Chooses sunny, fertile, loose, and well-drained loam for Sophora japonica Linn. Turn 60 cm deep, level and rake thin, make borders, border 70 cm wide, apply foot fertilizer, use 500 kg decomposed organic fertilizer or 5 kg urea per acre, and sprinkle 3000-4000 kg ring fertilizer on the border surface.

Sowing ramets

Sophora japonica Linn can be propagated by sowing or by using root tillers for ram propagation.

(1) Seed treatment: Choose mature and plump Sophora japonica Linn seeds first soak the seeds in 70-80℃ warm water for 24 hours, remove 2-3 times the fine sand, mix well, stack them indoors, and adjust the upper and lower temperature frequently during germination. Consistent, so that the germination is neat, usually 7-10 days, when the seeds crack 25%-30%, you can sow.

(2) Seedlings are cultivated in spring and autumn by drill or hole sowing. The drill sowing method is based on the sowing width of 10-15 cm, covered with soil 2-3 cm, suppressed after sowing, and the seed quantity per acre is 10-15 kg; the hole seeding method is based on the hole spacing of 10-15 cm. For sowing, the amount of seed per acre is 4-5 kg.

(3) Fake plants are transplanted in the north. After falling leaves at the end of autumn, seedlings will be raised before the soil freezes. Fake plants will survive the winter. Fake planting trenches will be dug. The trench width is 1-1.2 meters and the depth is 60-70 cm. Plant 40 cm, water after planting.

When the root tiller reproduces, the Sophora japonica Linn root tiller seedlings of mature trees can be dug up, and the holes are opened according to the row spacing of 1.8 meters × 1.3 meters, one plant per hole, generally 4-5 years to mature.

Sophora japonica Linn

Field management

(1) Seedling field management When the seedlings are all out, thin the seedlings for 2-3 times. The seedlings are fixed at 10-15 centimeters in the year of sowing. Topdressing suitable leather ammonium sulfate or diluted feces and urine from May to June, and weeding between July and August. , Loose the soil. Use 25% herbicide 0.75 kg per acre of nursery field, mix appropriate amounts of moist fine soil with the herbicide during application, and then sprinkle it around the seedlings, apply chemical herbicide, which has a good effect and saves labor.

(2) Afforestation and breeding Sophora japonica Linn are mostly used as a greening tree species on the “four sides”. It is used for planting street trees, garden trees and environmental protection forest belts throughout North China. During the canopy period, the dead branches and dry branches should be pruned in time to protect and cultivate and beautify the tree's shape.

Sophora japonica Linn