How to grow Sedum spectabile Boreau

Written by Maggie

Dec 03 2020

How to grow Sedum spectabile Boreau

The Sedum spectabile Boreau can be cultured by mixing leaf mold, river sand, and cremains.Turn the basin and change the soil every two years, and keep it in full sunlight.In winter, it is necessary to control the temperature above 5℃ and water the soil in time.If you want it to grow better, you need to apply fertilizer during the growing season.They can also be trimmed after each flowering to make the Sedum spectabile Boreau grow better.

Sedum spectabile Boreau

1. Demand for basin and soil of Sedum spectabile Boreau

Sedum Spectabile boreau likes to grow in loose, well-drained soil.It doesn’t have high demand for basin soil, usually available leaf soil, river sand soil, ashes mixed as a matrix.Usually, they have to be turned and replaced every two years so that they can grow stronger in the soil.

2. Illumination temperature control of Sedum spectabile Boreau

Sedum Spectabile Boreau actually likes to grow in the sun.Its leaves photosynthesize under sunlight, making them shinier and adding to the ornamental value of the plant.Especially in the winter do not lack of light, and in the winter also we need to control its temperature in 5℃ or so.

Sedum spectabile Boreau

3. Water and fertilizer management of Sedum spectabile Boreau

In general, the sedum spectabile Boreau prefers moist soil.In the Sedum Spectabile Boreau growing process, water the soil frequently, making sure the soil is moist.In winter, the soil becomes slightly wet.If you want the Sedum spectabile Boreau to grow continuously, fertilize them and maintain them.

4. Trim and breed of Sedum spectabile Boreau

Trim your Sedum spectabile Boreau after each flowering to cut off the visually impaired, elongated branches and leaves, which will reduce nutrient consumption.You can simply insert the cut into the soil and wait for it to take root again, so that it can grow better.

Sedum spectabile Boreau