Sedum spectabile Boreau profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 03 2020

Sedum spectabile Boreau profile

Sedum spectabile Boreau is a succulent perennial herb with thick underground stems, densely clustered underground stems, stout and erect, slightly powdery and grayish green.It is distributed in northeast China and Korea.It has common cultivation of white, purple, rose red varieties.Flowering period is from July to October.It is almost the most showy species of the Crassulaceae.

Sedum Spectabile Boreau picture

Sedum Spectabile Boreau

Sedum Spectabile Boreau morphological characteristics

The sedum spectabile boreau is a succulent perennial herb with a plant height of 30 to 50cm.The underground stem is hypertrophic, the ground stems clustered, stout and erect, the whole plant slightly powdery, grayish green, impeller or opposite, obovate, fleshy, with undulate teeth.The corymbose inflorescence is dense as a flat head, the diameter of the inflorescence is 10 ~ 13cm, the flowers are pale pink, white, fuchsia, rose varieties are commonly cultivated. The flowering period is from July to October. 

Sedum Spectabile Boreau is a perennial herb with root tubers and carrot-like roots. The stem is erect, 60 -- 70 cm tall, not branched.The whole plant is bluish white, leaves opposite or 3-4 whorls, oblong to ovate-oblong, 8-10 cm long, 2-3.5 cm wide, apex acute, obtuse, base tapering, margin sparsely serrate, subsessile. The corymbose is terminal, flowers dense, ca. 1 cm in diam., pedicels slightly shorter or as long. It has 5 sepals, and is 1.5 mm long. Sedum Spectabile Boreau has 5 petals, white or pink, broadly lanceolate, 5-6 mm long, acuminate.Stamens are as long as petals or slightly shorter, anthers purple. Scales are oblong-cuneate, 1 mm long, apex emarginate. Carpels are erect, base few apart. Flowering period is from August to September. 

Sedum Spectabile Boreau growth habit

Sedum Spectabile Boreau is found on hillsides, on grassy or gullies between 450 and 1800 meters above sea level.It likes bright light and dry, ventilated good environment. It is mild shade, and can withstand low temperatures of -20℃;Choose the soil with good drainage, resistance to impoverishment and drought, bogey of waterlogging.Sedum Spectabile Boreau is a strong plant and extensive management. It’s cold tolerant. In the east and North China, it can be overwintered open ground. 

Sedum Spectabile Boreau prefers bright light and a dry, well-ventilated environment, and can withstand temperatures as low as -20 °C. It likes the drainage good soil, bears the barren and the drought, avoids the rain waterlogging.Strong plants and extensive management. 

Sedum Spectabile Boreau

Sedum Spectabile Boreau geographic distribution

Sedum Spectabile Boreau is located in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hubei, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces of China.Korea, Japan, the former Soviet Union.It is widely cultivated everywhere.

Sedum Spectabile Boreau's main value

Garden will often choose Sedum spectabile Boreau cooperating other flowers decorated flower beds, flower border or into plant slope protection cover plant, which can do the circle, a square, cloud volume, arc, arc, such as modelling. It also can be used as a ground cover, fill the summer flowers in the fall after the flag no openings for the ornamental value, is decorated with flower beds, flower border, and material for the lawn, a rock garden. 

Sedum spectabile Boreau can be taken all year round. It can dispel wind and relieve dampness, promote blood circulation and spread blood stasis, stop bleeding and relieve pain. It is used for laryngitis, urticaria, vomiting blood, erysipelas in children, mastitis.External use: malignant boils, boils, burns, venomous worms, venomous snake bites, herpes zoster, athlete's foot.

Sedum Spectabile Boreau