How to grow Salvia japonica Thunb

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to grow Salvia japonica Thunb

When growing Salvia Japonica Thunb, we can generally use a culture substrate by mixing leaf mould, nutrient soil and coarse sand. When Salvia japonica Thunb is growing vigorously, we can water it every three to four days. Apply organic fertilizer properly every 20 days in spring and fall.Salvia Japonica Thunb is also illuminated. It is suitable to put it on the balcony for maintenance, the winter will maintain the temperature in 10 ~ 15℃.

Salvia Japonica Thunb picture

Salvia Japonica Thunb

1. Soil demand of Salvia Japonica Thunb

Salvia Japonica Thunb has strict requirements on soil. Generally suitable for growing in breathable and well-drained soil. Its roots are prone to water and fester, so the soil must have a strong drainage capacity. Generally, a mixture of leaf mould, nutrient soil and coarse sand at a ratio of 6:3:1 is good for salvia japonica thunb cultivation.

2. Water and fertilizer management of Salvia Japonica Thunb

When salvia japonica Thunb is growing, it needs to keep the soil half dry and half wet. Water can be poured every 3 ~ 4 days. And in the summer we need to increase the frequency of watering, timely to provide moisture. Its nutrient demand is not high. Apply organic fertilizer every 20 days in the spring and autumn. Do not fertilize too much.

Salvia Japonica Thunb

3. Growing environment of Salvia Japonica Thunb

Salvia Japonica Thunb loves the sun very much, and only with the help of the sun can she grow beautiful flowers. If kept in a cool place, it will have a hard time flowering and may not bloom at all. So usually we need to give it adequate light, and in winter, it is best to control the temperature at 10 ~ 15℃.

4. Breeding methods of Salvia Japonica Thunb

At ordinary times, we can propagate Salvia japonica Thunb blue by sowing, cutting and other methods. General cutting method has the highest survival rate. Annual pruning can be done by disinfecting the branches and inserting them into soil that is suitable for growth, keeping the soil moist and ready to take root.

Salvia Japonica Thunb