Salvia Japonica Thunb profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

Salvia Japonica Thunb profile

Salvia Japonica Thunb is native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean coast. Salvia Japonica Thunb is mainly distributed in Zhejiang, South Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hubei, Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi. On hillsides, roadsides, in sheltered grass, by water and under trees. Salvia Japonica Thunb is often cultivated as a herb for kitchen or medical use, as well as for extraction of essential oils, making sachets, etc.

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Salvia Japonica Thunb

Salvia Japonica Thunb morphological characteristics

Salvia Japonica Thunb is an annual herb. It has dense fibrous roots. Stem erect, 40-60cm tall, obtuse quadrigonal, sulcate, sparsely pubescent or sub glabrous along ribs. It has lower stem leaves for the second pinnate, petiole 7-9 cm, concave convex, abdominal was sparsely long pilose or glabrous, leaf 6-10 cm long, 5-9 cm wide, upper stem leaves pinnate, for time short stipitate, lobules lanceolate or rhombic, up to 10 cm long, 3.5 cm wide, apex acuminate or caudate acuminate, minister of base cuneate, margin obtuse serrate, puberulous or glabrous on both sides, grass, lateral lobule eggs cone lanceolate, 1.5 5 cm long, 0.8 2.5 cm wide, apex sharp or short acuminate, base oblique suborbicular, the rest with apical lobule, nearly sessile.

Salvia Japonica Thunb growing environment

Salvia Japonica Thunb was born on hillsides, roadsides, in shaded grass, by water and under shady trees, 220-1100m above sea level. salvia japonica thunb prefers a warm, sunny and well-ventilated environment. The suitable temperature for growth is 15℃-22℃. It is drought tolerant, but not waterlogging tolerant. Do not choose the soil, like rich calcareous soil, and it should be well drained, loose soil neutral or slightly alkaline soil. 

Salvia Japonica Thunb distribution

Salvia Japonica Thunb is native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean coast. In China, it is mainly grown in Zhejiang, Southern Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hubei, Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other places. It's also distributed in Japan.

Salvia Japonica Thunb

Salvia Japonica Thunb main value

Salvia Japonica Thunb edible value

Salvia Japonica Thunb leaves have the functions of sterilization, anti detoxification, distemper and epidemic disease. Stem leaves and flowers can be brewed tea drinking, can purify the body oil, help circulation, and beauty. salvia japonica Thunb can also be used as food, but should not be consumed in large quantities for a long time (because it contains treboone, long-term consumption of large quantities will produce toxins in the body).

Salvia Japonica Thunb for other uses

Salvia Japonica Thunb essential oil and its derivatives are used in daily essences. Salvia Japonica Thunb can also be made into sachets.

Landscaping can be potted, used for the layout of flower beds, flower borders and garden attractions. At the same time, it can be decorated beside the rocks, forest margin of the gap, appears quiet, placed in front of natural buildings and small courtyards. Because of its strong adaptability, it can also be planted near the water bank, and the group planting effect is very good. Salvia Japonica Thunb is suitable to be planted in parks, scenic spots, forest edge slope, lawn corner, river and lake shore layout.

Salvia Japonica Thunb