How to grow peony

Written by Maggie

Nov 24 2020

How to grow peony

The cultivation of peony needs fertile loose acid soil, which can meet the growth of peony. In the autumn when the temperature is appropriate for the peony planting, usually do not need to water too much, watering in summer to water thoroughly. Spray insecticide in time when the Chinese rose season changes, weed removal, and do a good job in preventing bacterial breeding.

Peony picture


1. Soil selection for peony

The taproots of paeonia lactiflora are well developed and like loose and fertile soil, which needs to be applied with certain phosphate fertilizer and potash fertilizer. It can increase the acidity of the soil, add some sand and gravel soil, and increase the permeability of the soil. If the soil is alkaline and sticky, it will lead to poor drainage and water accumulation, which will easily cause root rot.

2. Peony Cultivation time

Peony likes sunshine, and can tolerate low temperatures. The temperature requirements are not high, so in autumn planting is more appropriate. The temperature is appropriate.In winter and spring, the temperature is too low. At this time planting is not easy to flower. Summer temperature is too high, and will cause poor growth of Peony.


3. Water control of peony

In the curing process, the water requirements for the peony is not high. Watering should not be too much. It is best to keep the soil dry. In summer, the temperature is too high, and we can increase watering. But every time watering, let the soil in a slightly moist state, watering too much will affect the growth of the peony.

4. Peony Pests and diseases

In the maintenance of peony, it will suffer powdery mildew, red spider, leaf spot disease and other diseases and insect pests. When the timely spraying of some bactericidal agents, do a good job of defense.Weeds will be crazy to seize the peony nutrients, and we need to remove weeds in a timely manner, but also effectively prevent pests and diseases.