How to grow Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss

Written by Maggie

Nov 19 2020

How to grow Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss

In the process of breeding Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss, it is necessary to use mulch and garden soil as the substrate, loosen the soil every other month, and master the principle of watering when the soil is dry. Wait for the soil to turn white before watering. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer should be applied every half a month during the flowering period, and the seedling period and planting should be topped.

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss picture

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss

1. Choose soil for Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss needs to grow in loose and fertile soil. If you want to pot Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss, you need to use a 30cm-diameter clay pot as a container, usually we can use rotten leaves. The soil and garden soil are evenly mixed to make the substrate, and the soil is loosened every other month to keep the soil loose at all times.

2. Water appropriately for Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss likes to grow in a humid environment, but it is not advisable to water too much each time. It is usually necessary to master the principle of watering the soil when it dries. Every time you water you need to irrigate the soil. Keep the soil slightly moist during flowering or summer, and water again when the soil becomes white in winter to prevent excessive watering from rotten roots.

3. Reasonable fertilization for Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss

In fact, Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss still needs sufficient nutrients. When it comes to how to raise Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss, it needs to apply a compound fertilizer of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium every half a month during its flowering period. The nitrogen content is required. If the temperature is too high in summer and too low in winter, Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss will be dormant in these two seasons, so there is no need to fertilize it.

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss

4. Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss topping treatment

Generally, when Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss is in the seedling stage, all the upper buds of Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss need to be removed and placed in a cool and ventilated place. New shoots can germinate after one month. When the plant is shaped, it needs to be topped again, and then every spring and autumn prune it appropriately in season to make it grow more vigorously and extend its flowering period.

5. Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss cutting reproduction

At the end of spring and early autumn of each year, you can pick the twigs from the robust Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss, cut the length of 8-10cm, and then place the twigs in a cool and ventilated place to gradually heal the wounds before inserting in the soil suitable for growth, you need to water it every 3 to 5 days and wait for the branches to take root.

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss