Fuchsia hybrida Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss profile

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

Fuchsia hybrida Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss profile

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss is a perennial herbaceous flower. When the summer temperature exceeds 38°C, metabolism is slow and growth is stagnant. At this time, leaves and roots are often rotten. If effective measures are not taken, the entire plant will die.

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss picture

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss

Morphological characteristics of Fuchsia hybrida Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss

Fuchsia Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss is a semi-shrub, with upright stems, 50-200 cm high, 6-20 mm thick, multi-branched, pubescent and glandular hairs, partly glabrous in old age, young branches with red. Leaves are opposite, ovate or narrowly ovate, 3-9 cm long, 2.5-5 cm wide, penetrating in the middle, acuminate at the apex, shallowly heart-shaped or obtuse at the base, with distant shallow teeth or tooth processes. Veins are often reddish, with 6 to 11 pairs of lateral veins, knotted near the margin, pubescent on both sides, especially the lower veins. Petiole is 2 to 3.5 cm long, often reddish, pubescent and glandular hairs. Stipules are narrowly ovoid Shape to diamond, about 1.5 mm long, and  fall early.

The flowers are bisexual, single, sparsely born in pairs on the tops of stems and branches, under the axils of leaves, pendulous. Pedicels are slender, light green or reddish, 3~7 cm long. Flower tubes are red, cylindrical, above, 1~2 cm long, diameter 3 ~5 mm, with sparse pubescent and glandular hairs on the pedicel. It has 4 petals, red, oblong or triangular-lanceolate, 2~3 cm long, 4~8 mm wide, apex tapered. When opening, the petals are changeable in color, purple-red, red, pink, white, arranged in a tile-like shape, wide obovate, 1~2.2 cm long, slightly concave at the apex; stamen 8, twisted outer ring, red filament, long outside the pattern flower tube 1.8~3cm, purple-red anther, oblong, 2~3mm long, 1mm diameter.

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss growth environment

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss is a horticultural hybrid artificially cultivated based on materials from Central America. There are many horticultural varieties and are widely cultivated all over the world. It is widely cultivated there, especially in the north or northwest. The greenhouse grows very well in the southwest plateau and has become an important flower plant.

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss main value

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss has a good effect on kidney deficiency, waist and leg soreness caused by kidney deficiency, spasm of limbs, and non-lifting of kidney weight.

Hort.ex Sieb.et Voss

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