Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 27 2020

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn profile

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn is sunshine - loving and slightly shade - tolerant, suitable for warm and humid climate. Avoid drought, endure water wet, grow luxuriant in the fertile sandy loam near the water. Flowering period is from June to August, with high ornamental, edible and medicinal value.

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn picture

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn morphological characteristics

Hibiscus moscheutos Linn is a perennial herb, 1 to 2m tall, stem sub crown piles, stout, tufted, oblique, smooth and powdered. Leaves are alternate, 8~22cm long, gray stellate hairs at dorsal and stipe, variably shaped. It is base rounded, margin with comb teeth. Flowers are large, 28cm in diameter, not axillary on solitary stems, rose red or white, calyx persistent. Flowering period: June ~ September. 

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn geographic distribution

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn is native to the eastern United States. It is cultivated in Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Kunming in China for ornamental gardens. 

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn growth habits

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn likes temperature and humidity, heat and cold, and can be overwintered on open ground in the Beijing area. It grows best in well-drained soil.

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn's main value

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn flowers are large and bright and beautiful. Plants have strong resistance to high temperature, humidity and heat, and simple management. In the garden afforestation, it can be used in the large container combination planting, or the ground plant arranges the flower bed, the flower border, also may in the green space clumps planting, and the group planting. 

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn plant culture

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn: Precocious

The flowers are white or pink in the morning and bright red in the afternoon. A flower  color that can change so much in such a short time is quite special.

Hibiscus Moscheutos Linn