How to grow Calendula officinalis

Written by Maggie

Nov 21 2020

How to grow Calendula officinalis

Calendula Officinalis has a high ornamental value when flowering, generally flowering in April to September every year, and fruit stage in June to October. It is best to give sufficient light during the growth period, control the temperature at about 10-20 ℃, use plastic film to cover the low temperature, and keep the soil moist often.
Calendula Officinalis flower is a common flower plant in life, and emits a light fragrance each time it blooms, usually in April to September of each year, and in June to October of each year when it enters the fruit stage.Plants can bloom continuously if flowers are cultivated in greenhouses.

Calendula Officinalis picture

Calendula Officinalis

Maintenance method for Calendula Officinalis to extend flowering period

1. Get plenty of light

Calendula Officinalis prefers to grow in a sunny environment, and adequate light treatment should be given to both open and shed cultivation, which is mainly beneficial to the growth of stems and leaves of plants. Meanwhile, the temperature should be controlled at about 10 ~ 20℃, and plastic film should be covered for winter at very low temperatures to avoid frostbite.

2. Humidity requirements

Calendula Officinalis is a common wet-liking plant, and plants grow faster when growing in wet environment. Watering should be strictly controlled in winter and it is advisable to keep the soil slightly dry, which can improve the cold-resistance ability of plants to avoid plant growth, and the air humidity should not be too high during the growth period, otherwise the plants are prone to diseases and insect pests.

Calendula Officinalis

3. Nutrient requirements

If you want Calendula officinalis blooms best, ensure adequate nutrient supply during growth and apply topdressing during flowering, mainly at 6 p.m., with appropriate spraying of urea and potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution once or twice a month or so.

Calendula Officinalis