How to propagate Pot marigold

Written by Maggie

Oct 28 2021

How to propagate Pot marigold

Pot marigold is a kind of plant that appears more gorgeous, have high ornamental. As for how to propagate Pot marigold, there are mainly two methods of sowing and cutting propagation. As long as you master the true operation method, the survival rate of the two methods is very high. The specific details are introduced of propagation methods of Pot marigold.

Sowing propagation methods of Pot marigold 

propagation methods of Pot marigold

1. Seed harvesting

The fruit of Pot marigold will mature one after another from May to July every year. During this period, we can harvest the fruit. After harvest, we need to dry the fruit in the sun, then rub and crush to remove impurities, select the pure seeds and store them, and sow them in autumn.

2. Seed germination

Before sowing propagation of Pot marigold, we need to soak the seeds in warm water for 3-10 hours to accelerate the germination. After the seeds start to absorb water and swell, we can take them out and sow them, which can make the seeds more easily germinate. Of course, some seeds that are easy to germinate can be eliminated from this step.

3. Sowing method

Since Pot marigold seeds are small in size, we can dip a toothpick in water and stick the seeds to the soil one by one. Then we can water them with 1-2cm of soil on top. When watering, we can put the Pot in about half of the water, and then let the water slowly into the soil.

propagation methods of Pot marigold

Cutting propagation methods of Pot marigold  

1. Matrix selection

Cutting propagation is the main propagation method of Pot Marigold. Before propagation, we should first choose the substrate. Generally, it is best to choose fertile and slightly acidic humus soil, which has good drainage and air permeability, so that it can absorb nutrients better and is not easy to water.

2. Stromal disinfection

We need after chosen matrix substrate for disinfection, lest infect plants, with plant diseases and insect pests of disinfection in one of two ways, one is the scattered to sterilize and flat out in the sun insolates, another more directly. We can put it in the pot, if the plant diseases and insect pests will destroy it because of the high temperature.

3. Cutting selection

After choosing a good substrate, we also need to choose cuttings, which has a great impact on the survival rate of cuttings. It is generally best to choose the growth of more robust branches, so the survival rate is high. If the choice looks more delicate, branches so basic can be declared that the cutting failed.

4. Cutting method

The cutting method of Pot Marigold is very simple. First, we can use chopsticks to make a hole in the substrate, and then we can insert the cuttings into it two-thirds of the way, and then we can water the cuttings. When watering, pay attention to water thoroughly, and after 20 days, the roots can be rooted.

Conclusion: After reading the above content, I believe you also have a certain understanding of how to propagate Pot marigold, hoping to be helpful to you.

propagation methods of Pot marigold

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