How to Grow and Care for Pot Marigold

Written by Maggie

Dec 13 2022

How to Grow and Care for Pot Marigold

Pot marigold is a kind of chrysanthemum. It has high ornamental value, and a certain degree of practicality, is a very popular flower plant. So many people want to grow Pot marigold. How to grow Pot marigold? How to care for Pot marigold when we grow it? Let's look together.

grow and care for Pot marigold
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Growing Pot Marigold

1. Choose Good Seeds

When Pot marigold fruits are ripe, it is the turn of spring and summer, and there is more rain. Therefore, they should be harvested in batches on sunny days. It is best to flower and bear seeds first. In addition, Pot marigold plants themselves are easy to deteriorate under the influence of the environment, so seeds from inferior plants must not be harvested.

2. The Soil Should be Thicker When Sowing

The germination rate of Pot marigolds was higher. When the seedlings grew 3 leaves, they were transplanted once to facilitate the development of the root system.

Picking the heart when the seedlings grow to 6 leaves.

Make multiple lateral branches, more flowering, of course, also like big flowers especially, can not undertake to pick the heart, but as the growth of the plant, to constantly erase the side bud, can make nutrient supply top bud development, can get very big flowers.

Pot marigold should not be watered too much in the growing period.

As long as the soil is kept moist, it will be more likely to succumb to root rot and plant death after high humidity or heavy rain, especially after high temperatures.

Fertilizer Care for Growing Pot Marigold

In the growth period, it can be applied every 20 days 1 time rarefied decaying cake fertilizer water, before flowering or flowering can be applied 2~3 times to phosphorus, potassium - based quick-effect fertilizer.

Pot marigold

Pot Marigold Care

When we care for Pot marigold, the mixed soil of peat, perlite and cinder can be selected as the nutrient soil to ensure that the pH value of the soil is between 6 and 7. During the growth period, adequate light treatment should be given, the temperature should be controlled at about 10 ~ 20℃, the Pot soil should be kept moist for watering, and the air humidity should be kept at about 40 ~ 60%.

1. Soil Care

Pot marigold does not require much soil, but it is more suitable to grow in fertile and loose sandy soil. When we care for Pot marigold, the pH value of the soil should be ensured between 6 and 7, which can promote more branching and bigger flowering. The mixed soil of peat, perlite and cinder can be selected as nutrient soil, and some river sand can be put in the bottom of the Pot.

2. Light and Temperature Care

Pot marigolds like to grow in sufficient sunshine, especially in the seedling period to give long sunshine treatment, which is more favorable to the growth of the stem and leaves, its growth temperature is about 10 ~ 20℃. When the temperature is too low to cover the cold film. When we care for Pot marigold in summer the temperature is higher than 28℃, move to the ventilated and cool place for conservation.

3. Watering Care

Reasonable watering is one of the keys when we care for Pot marigold. During the growth period, it is appropriate to keep the Pot soil moist for the sake of the growth of the stem and leaves. When we care for Pot marigold in winter, in order to improve the cold resistance, the Pot soil should be kept slightly dry for watering, so as not to cause futility.

4. Fertilize regularly

When the plants are planted one week later, the core picking treatment can be carried out to promote branch growth, which can be carried out in combination with fertilization, mainly by spraying foliar fertilizer. When we care for Pot marigold during the growth period, fertilizer is applied once every half a month. Special flower fertilizer bought from the florist can be used, and sufficient fertilizer can be often maintained to promote Pot marigold to blossom.

5. Ventilation Care

If the indoor ventilation is poor and the humidity is high, the plant will easily breed the harm of fusarium wilt and downy mildew. It can increase the ventilation around it under the conditions of high temperature and humidity. When the disease occurs, it can be sprayed with the right amount of wilting Wet Powder or oxidized dimethoate solution.

Pot marigold

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