The breeding methods and precautions of Yucca smalliana Fern

Written by Maggie

Nov 20 2020

The breeding methods and precautions of Yucca smalliana Fern

In the process of breeding Yucca smalliana Fern, it is best to plant on the balcony of indoor maintenance. In summer, shade light to short time processing, which can be gradually increased after seeing light time of the plant. It is advisable to water to keep the soil moist, mainly nitrogen fertilizer during leaves’ growing season to apply once every 3 ~ 4 weeks of thin compost solution.

Yucca smalliana Fern picture

Yucca smalliana Fern

Methods of cultivation of Yucca Smalliana Fern

1. Environmental management

Yucca smalliana says Fern is a tropical plant, growing faster in a sunny and warm environment. In the usual maintenance period, put plants in the leeward best sunny balcony. When it's summer light,  move to the plant ventilation sunshine place, or shade processing, after entering autumn to increase by light time of the plant, to make leaf photosynthesis.

2. Plenty of water

Yucca smalliana says Fern is suitable for growth in the matrix of hydrated, at the time of spring water to keep the moisture content of soil in the 60 ~ 70%. In the summer, moisture evaporates quickly, then water once a day, but also to spray mist around it, to keep the foliar moist. After arriving in October, we can reduce the amount of water.

3. Fertilize regularly

Regular fertilization is one of the farming methods and precautions of yucca smalliana Fern. Yucca Smalliana Fern is a fattening plant. During leaf pumping, adequate nutrients should be ensured, mainly with thin nitrogen, and every 3-4 weeks during growth and development. A thin compost solution should be applied, or diluted compound fertilizers rich in phosphorus and potassium should be applied.

4. Pruning

Yucca Smalliana Fern has a strong growing trend. During spring growth and development, buds are mainly selected from the core. In this way, the height of plant type can be better controlled, so as to facilitate appreciation and appreciation.

Yucca smalliana Fern

Note on farming Yucca Smalliana Fern

The cold resistance of Yucca Smalliana Fern is very poor. We should keep the pot dry when watering in winter. Do not splash water into flowers and leaves when watering, so as to avoid rot, which is detrimental to the flowering of plants.

Yucca smalliana Fern